Car explodes after passengers allegedly take laughing gas

Published on Sep 2, 2015 by Real life

The clip, which was posted on YouTube, shows the car and at least one of its passengers catching fire after one of the young men uses a lighter.

While some online commentators are questioning the authenticity of the video – the pair, who are brothers, released a statement about the incident.

It read: “Me and my brother are both fine thank god, I got 6% burns, what happened was that we were having fun in the car filming a video with the windows closed and we smelled something funny but we didn’t know it was Fidfad (a clothes spray) and we didn’t give it much attention, then my brother used the lighter which set the gas on fire, and I’m glad to say we are safe and all the rumours that got out are not true, and be careful of gas leaks anywhere.”

But some Reddit users claimed the statement was released to avoid the pair risking punishment for alleged drug use.

“They’re lying to not get in trouble. drug use over there will probably get them severely punished,” wrote one user.

Another user then replied: “Which makes them even stupider by filming it.

“Don’t understand why so many people are volunteering to film their own crimes.”

PuffPuffSweden posted his own explanation, saying: “They puffed butane gas which is highly flammable, they probably left a can pumping out this butane gas and forget about it or the kid in the front drenched his red rag in butane to sniff it and therefore filled the car with the gas.

“After a few minutes of laughing this idiot decides to record it and his friend in the back goes for a hit of butane from his lighter by lighting it and then blow out the flame to inhale the gas.

“Edit: like when you were a kid and filled your fist with the gas from a lighter for a few seconds, and then lit it on fire causing a FIRE BAWL. These kids just took it to another level.”


5 thoughts on “Car explodes after passengers allegedly take laughing gas

  1. “Another user then replied: “Which makes them even stupider by filming it.”

    Another fine example of the effectiveness of t.v. ‘programming’.

    Once a certain level of stupidity is achieved, anything is possible.

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