15 thoughts on “#Caturday: According to cats, there’s no wrong place for a cat

  1. Thanks for posting these kitty pictures #1 NWO Hatr, I really enjoyed them! I love both dogs and cats but I enjoy the quite demeanor of kitties more. By the way, the Cat in ‘CatFon’ is really part of my first name and has nothing to do with cats. 🙂

    1. I’m a hard-core cat lover, CatFon. 😀

      Mine is more intelligent than most of the sheeple I meet.

        1. I’m a hard-core cat lover as well #1. My cat is a deaf albino domestic short hair and looks very much like the white cat at the top, except her tail is not as fluffy.

          I’ve had Missy for 13 years now and we have a very tight bond. She is very different from other cats in that she’s very vocal and must have eye contact with me at all times. She also responds to hand gestures.

          They sure like to get into tight places don’t they?
          . . .

        2. Calico kitties, they are so very pretty, so I know your cat is a beauty. Yep I can also believe that your cat is smarter than most Sheeple, I know our two cats certainly are! 🙂

          1. Cathleen your cat Missy sounds like a beauty. Does she also have blue eyes? I have always heard that white, blue eyed cats are usually deaf. I once worked with a lady that had one. A little girl next door bonded with that little deaf kitty so my co-worker gave the cat to the child.

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