CavMedic, La Raza, & more…

III Percent Patriots – by Kerodin

We all know our President doesn’t just dislike Jan Brewer, Governor of Arizona – I will dare say he has a pathological hatred of the woman.  They have banged heads since 2008, and the President has never been shy about using the might of the Federal Government to force his will up[on her and Arizona.

CavMedic noted the story first that illegals were being bussed from South Texas and released in Arizona.  There weren’t many details at that point.  Was it Texas behind the move?  CavMedic has stayed with the story as more has become known.  Now we know it is FedGov behind the massive deployment.  

Yes, I just called it a deployment.

Brewer was informed this weekend by some source in FedGov the practice would continue “…for the foreseeable future…” and she could expect more than 1,000 unattended illegal children this weekend alone, with many more in coming weeks, to include families and partial families.

Now we III must ask the hard question: Why?

Is it merely one more FU to Jan Brewer from a White House that we KNOW is personally vindictive?  Is it personal?  Is it a political move to crush Arizona’s economic infrastructure by overwhelming the state with mouths it can’t feed, clothe or shelter?  Is it as simple as flooding the state with illegal voters before the November polls in an effort to help a few shaky Dems in the mid-terms?  Is it a voting ploy for longer-term vision of trying to turn Arizona Blue by 2016?  (Arizona voted 11 points for Romney.)

Now let’s look at a few strategic and tactical dots we may or may not wish to connect through the lens of the III.

Arizona had about 330,000 illegals in 2010 per DHS, a drop of nearly 1/3 who left because of Arizona’s new, tough immigration law.  My guess is the DHS number is low.

La Raza is strong in Phoenix.

We all know La Raza’s ultimate goal is to recover “Mexico” that was “stolen” by our cowboys.  We know at La Raza events they fly the flag of Mexico, not Old Glory.  La Raza is only part of a trio of organizations seeking reclamation of “historical homelands”.  There is also MEChA and Aztlan.

In 2012 the President plucked former Senior Vice President of La Raza Cecelia Munoz and made her the head of the Domestic Policy Council.

The following companies have high-level executive liaison and support for La Raza:

Bank of America
The Coca-Cola Company
Comcast NBCUniversal Telemundo
ConAgra Foods, Inc.
Ford Motor Company
General Mills, Inc.
General Motors
Johnson & Johnson
Kraft Foods
McDonald’s Corporation
MillerCoors LLC
PepsiCo Inc.
Prudential Financial
State Farm Insurance Companies
Time Warner Inc.
Wells Fargo

We know the implosion of the economy is imminent.  We know the Enemies of Liberty are counting on their ideological allies to fight when the time comes.

I called this a “deployment”.  Could it be pre-staging for what we all expect will come soon – chaos, economic failure, regional, racial, ethnic and religious factional fighting across America?

Maybe a deployment.  Maybe nothing more than an FU.

Good on CavMedic who started connecting the dots, then followed through.

This one is not over.


3 thoughts on “CavMedic, La Raza, & more…

  1. here is this gov of the state of Arizona, supposedly dead set against Obama, then why doesn’t she get after him for fake ID’s, and all the rest of his coverup of being appointed? This Tyrant can only run over us when he is allowed to, especially so, by those in power through-out our land…..Governors of States have a hell of a lot of power provided they have the courage to us that power…seems she does not have that courage! Or worse!!

    1. I know, really. I’m so sick of them beating around the bush. They use the excuse that going after Barry’s Fake ID is a political career killer. Well, would they rather continue to live in tyranny? I mean seriously, wake the hell up! Even without the fake ID thing, he’s committed treason more than enough times to put him in jail for the rest of his life.

      And why isn’t she calling for his arrest as he is dumping illegals in her state? And she better not give me that plausible deniability/pass the ball Communist shit.

      And whatever happened to that douchebag, Sheriff Arpaio and his evidence? He’s been off the radar for months. Who paid the bastard off or threatened his life? I guess that’s why they have Snowden propaganda to distract everyone from it.

  2. So all of these companies support La Raza. Why are we not hanging their executives and raiding their companies?

    Here you go JD. More treasonous Commie companies to add to your list.

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