4 thoughts on “CBS Exposes Hillary Clinton Bosnia Trip.

  1. The only video of this communist ,dyke, pride cut gelding , is when her day @ the gallows comes & there is urine running down her leg .

  2. Yep!! Memories should always match the video tape.

    Clinton didn’t look as young during the Benghazi hearing as she does behind the podium where she is telling her lie-filled Bosnia story.

    Why do these people all look younger as time goes on and tend to live forever? What is the technology they are using to achieve this?
    . . .

  3. I just love how these commies always get caught in a lie and they claim they “mis-remembered?” or “mis-spoke?” No, they fricken lied! WTF?

  4. In a more perfect alternative dimension she landed into sniper fire and was killed. What a great dimension to live in.

    I love her quote. “now that is what happened” classic.
    tell the people a lie and say that is what happened to assure them that there is no need to actually see what happened.

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