Charges NOT Reprimand

Published on May 13, 2013 by roypotterqa

An update on the IRS, McCain, and current dangerous warning signs. Also, I was on the Pete Santilli Show again, Episode # 418 Steve Pieczinik Assassinated. No, Dr. Pieczinik is fine, Pete was referring to my preferring different methods than the Dr’s to fix the Nation’s problems.

4 thoughts on “Charges NOT Reprimand

  1. Thanks for posting this gentleman’s
    comments, Henry! From the first time
    I heard him I knew in my spirit that he
    was “right on”.

    You men who are speaking out and
    taking a stand are the kind of men I
    had in my family and grew up around
    when I was a young girl. Real men!!
    God bless and keep you, and thank

    1. Isn’t former US Army LTC Roy Potter awesome! Keep an eye on his posts. He has some good Intel connections. I just love this man!

      . . .

      1. Yes, Cathleen, he is awesome! And thank
        you for sending him to From The Trenches,
        the best website on the net!

        It is really a blessing for me, a senior
        citizen, and not very “computer savy”,
        to be able to come here many, many
        times daily and get the real news, and
        see posts from like-minded folks. Makes
        me know that I am not alone out here,
        and that I am not “nuts” like some of the
        people I have attempted to “awake from
        their stupor.”

        1. You’re welcome kjv1611believer.

          I’m a senior citizen as well and you are in good company with many like-minded individuals here.

          . . .

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