Check out this sneaky NYPD cop car disguised as a yellow cab

Autoblog – by Jonathon Ramsey

That’s no ordinary New York City yellow taxi in the image above; it’s a police cruiser for the New York City Police Department dressed up like an NYC yellow taxi. Captured in a short video on a Manhattan street corner, it is escorting an NYPD van behind it.

They don’t just use Crown Vics, either: NYC The Blog has video from two years ago of a motorist being pulled over by a Nissan Altima taxi. The blog also lets you know how to tell an undercover police cab from a proper taxi by comparing the license plate number to the medallion number on the cab’s roof – not that it would do you any good in your rearview mirror, though.

When the post was written two and a half years ago it was said that there were only eight such taxis prowling the naked city, and that their plates all began with “T800.”

27 thoughts on “Check out this sneaky NYPD cop car disguised as a yellow cab

  1. They also have their snitches drive cabs, strike up a conversation with their passenger to get info. and all the while the damned radio is turned on – inevery cab ya know – so the disaptch can have on record all that was said in the cab. I used to know some dope dealers that were cab drivers and this is what they said that they were told when they got busted and that was a part of their plea agreement. Yea, them cops and snitches are all a bunch of sneaky scumbags.

  2. We have the same sneaky taxi’s in The Woodlands, Texas… I have a great picture of one pulling someone over if you’re interested…

          1. @ David Kidd, I have always wondered if a magnet would work on a dl. I know a magnet works on magnetic strips like on credit cards, bank cards etc.

          2. Yes. This is true. this is why you don’t want to take credit cards into an MRI room. The MRI magnet will erase the cards ability to be read at the ATM or card reader.

          3. I read about the microwave defense
            but there is a real fine line on the
            seconds. Besides I gave my micro-
            oven away twenty years ago d/t
            the hidden dangers and health
            hazards with microwaved food.

      1. Not only that but they will give their own kids drugs that they confiscated on a drug bust to sell in the grade schools on up to the colledges and then bust the buyers.

  3. They’ve been hiding in taxi cabs since I was a little kid. If you look at the cab number on the roof you’ll see the letter “R” mixed with the numbers. Unless they changed it, that’s how you knew it was a cop car. To the TLC the R just means a void medallion number. (they all have at least one letter among the digits)

      1. I’ve been up here since ’80 and they’ve always “stuck out like a sore thumb”. For one thing, real cabbies don’t have a rider in the front seat with no passengers in the back. Didn’t know about the “R”, Jolly Roger. Thanks .

  4. Isn’t there some illegality to using police cars disguised as taxicabs? Not like legality matters in NYC anymore. Just sayin’.

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