8 thoughts on “Chemtrails in West Virginia

  1. hey Steve looks like my sky’s the past several days. guess this stuff is all over. I am now taking alpha lipoic acid and iodine in order to flush some of this stuff out of my system. keep your eyes open and your back covered.

      1. Oh yea Millard, and they still got those olive green helicopters flying over head on Teusdays too. Wonder what is up with that 😮

  2. I am in SW Florida and have seen chemtrail GRIDS that you could play tic tac toe on. Nobody seems to notice but it cannot be flight paths of normal jets. I have seen days where there are jets leaving no trail and then in another part of the sky, there is a clear chemtrail. It may not last as long when the humidity is low in the atmosphere. The planes leaving chemtrails are always white. I have seem two of them flying almost in parallel also – one was a little farther ahead of the other but they were forming a grid. It cannot be a flight path!

    1. Oh yea Liberty4Ever, I have seen a lot of chemtrails flying east to west with no trail, not even a vapor trail, but then again I will see a jet flying west to east and they will all have chemtrails, and these are all flying at the same time, sometimes as many as 6 or more jets flying in one direction at a time.

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