Chemtrails Shut Down Sun Oven

DSC00835Laura and I awoke Sunday morning and witnessed the coming of a beautiful day with the morning sky a brilliant blue, thus we decided to put the Sun Oven through its paces.  The sun was fully on our yard by ten o’clock and so we set up the oven and positioned it directly into the sun.

At this point we noticed the beginning of the chemtrails.   


We checked the oven after fifteen minutes and the temperature had shot up to 285 degrees.


We were confident we were going to be able to cook in the oven, so Laura got the bread dough to rising.

We came out to check the oven one half hour later and amazingly, the temperature was dropping, as the chemtrails had begun to block the sun.




There was not one natural cloud in the sky and had it not been for the chemtrails, it would have been a beautiful day.









The chemtrailing continued and as more and more of the aluminum particles gathered to reflect the sun away from the earth, the temperature in the sun oven continued to drop until just after high noon, when the sun should have been doing the most for us, the chemtrails had effectively blocked the rays to the point that the temperature in the oven had gone down to 220 degrees.


The entire sky, from horizon to horizon, was now not but a chemtrail haze, so we put the oven away in disgust.


I have no doubt that the Sun Oven would have performed to its potential on this 67 degree day, even under partially cloudy conditions, as water molecules do not reflect the sun away like aluminum particles do.

It has gotten to the point here where I live wherein every clear day brings on massive chemtrailing to the extent of absolutely reducing the sun’s effects.

And of course we are breathing this poison.  If we open our door, even for a few minutes, we can plan on a coughing attack.  I can wash my glasses and just going outside and driving across town and back produces a noticeable accumulation of particles upon the lenses.

This is slow kill, without a doubt, and the chemtrailing is not even being denied any more.  And what is the excuse these Mengdala wantabes give us?  “Our last series of diabolical unethical experimentation with complete disregard for human life resulted in us burning tens of thousands of holes through the ozone layer as we filled the earth’s orbit with space junk, so now we have to spray the earth’s population with aluminum to try to make up the difference.  And of course we will be throwing a biological or two thousand at you also, because we have the right to experiment on human beings, as a mass culling of the world population must be accomplished to preserve life in gross abundance to ourselves and our masters.”

Chemtrailing is an undeniable fact as is the threat it poses to human life.  This is a major threat and it is killing and maiming our people by the millions, but you will not hear this issue addressed by any Zionist controlled media or especially any politician, no more than you will hear them address the wave of terror being visited upon our people by the entrenched police state.

In conclusion, I believe the Sun Oven is a fine piece of equipment, but of course it does require the sun to function correctly.  I believe under natural circumstances, even on a mostly cloudy day, the Sun Oven can function as a water purifier and dehydrator.

I may have to travel out of this area to do so, but I will test the Sun Oven under natural conditions.  And this summer when it gets really hot, I will use the Sun Oven to demonstrate just how massive the chemtrailing program really is and the effects it is having upon us.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

26 thoughts on “Chemtrails Shut Down Sun Oven

  1. I built one a few months back. I couldn’t get it to 200 degrees. It was winter a and cold, but even after an hour it wouldn’t boil water. If you hit 285 in 15 minutes, that is awesome. I am putting one on my wish list.

  2. Good luck finding a place where the sun works.
    It is like that over all of Northern Alberta as well. Even areas there are few people living.

  3. Well the name “Sun Oven” kind of indicates that you need a sunny day, but I don’t think 200 degrees is that bad through the haze of chemtrails, either. Maybe things just need more time to cook with less sun (or blocked sun) and that’s to be expected.

    All in all, I’d say it was a positive result for the Sun Oven experiment, even if you didn’t make bread.

    As for the chemtrails themselves, yes, they’re killing us, and it won’t stop until they’re done, or we’re done with them.

  4. Any ideas what the ways to protect themselves might be? I don’t see how this can be a super secret. I’m not doubting you. I am just truly curious what might work.

  5. Sorry Henry and Laura, that they sprayed you guys. I do not remember the last time we had a sunny day, every time we do see the sun, low and behold they spray us, they have really ramped this up. Funny Farmer, I agree with you to some extent, but I think they are pushing on multiple fronts, they have the trolls and weasels to do it. I think they are pushing balls to the wall to implement the satanic, evil NWO.

  6. Another point to keep in mind is wind. Strong winds will collapse the panels. A few times when we first got ours, I’d go out to check things and the panels would be partially collapsed. We keep our oven on the back porch year round. It’s attached to a wall so it won’t blow off the platform it sits on.The oven is brought in on ocassion if the winds are very high, so as not to rip the oven out of the wall. The oven is definately a worthwile investment. It has payed for itself in electricity and propane saved, as well as it doesn’t fight with the airconditioning as the house oven does when cooking in it. Unless the skies are very cloudy, the oven will work, although
    cooking time will be longer. No big deal though.

  7. Does anyone remember a report of Cuba ,or some other south – central american country claimed shooting down one of these chemtrail planes ? Then shortly there after that place was hit w/ an Earthquake.

  8. Sounds like the same kind of weather day I get every day in Dallas, Henry. It pisses me off.

    In any case, it makes me kinda wonder if those solar powered panels for the “Endless Sun Solar” equipment are worth getting if there is hardly any sun. This all even further leads me to believe these assholes are trying to prevent us from being self-sufficient and want us to be dependent on them and their high energy prices. By blocking out the sun, we are forced to get our electricity from the corporations who are continuingly destroying our land and resources for their own gain. Sick, psychotic bastards.

    1. Ah contraire. Saturday morning at day break I was out at the lake with a line in the water. I brought the folding solar cell panel with me on the spur of the moment, just to check it out. I had a 45 watt inverter plugged into it and we charged our mi-fi in about 30 minutes. I took pictures and will be putting together a little review of the panel and the operating system when I acquire a couple more items that will allow me to test the full potential. But as a fold up item in a pack, the solar panel performed very well in spite of the chemtrailing.
      Anyway, like I said, there will be more coming on this subject soon.

      1. Great… looking forward to your info on the solar charger. i, for one, am definitely ignorant on this tech.

  9. It’s a lot more simplistic than most people think. Sunlight provides the human body with all the natural vitamin D it needs. Vitamin D deficiencies will cause all kinds of diseases, thus facilitating the mass cull of the human population the psychopaths in charge desire so much.

    1. Hey Sunfire. we supplement vitamin d-3. Particularly in the winter month’s. Also cod liver oil is a good d-3 supplementation. However, mercury and radiation is a factor when consuming it.

        1. yea Dan i agree, as long as it is not homogenized and pasteurized, as i understand it. Of course its hard to find raw whole milk, and cheese made from raw whole milk. bummer.

      1. Vitamin D supplements are a very good idea, especially during the Winter months. The mercury and radiation poisoning you mentioned is definitely something to be mindful of though. If we all had 15-20 minutes of sunlight each day, we wouldn’t need any supplements at all. Many Americans can’t afford supplements these days, thus the plans of the psychopaths in charge is moving along at a good clip.

        1. As far as supplementals go, their agenda on that is clearly outlined in Codex Alimentarius.

          They’ll all be illegal soon.

  10. The chemtrails of today are continued practice by the CIA Evilists of the Federal Reserve/European Central Bank to perfect the HAARP system in order to enable the ability to Wage War with weather anywhere, anytime. This has been going on since 1969 +-, in the mid 70’s a treaty was signed by the USA, Canada & others to not alter their weather. As I understand it the Air Force has set a date of 2025 to be in complete control of the weather world wide……
    The endgame is simple, turn the Persecuted into the Persecutors!

    “We the people” must join together to reclaim our Liberty, Freedom, Justice & Truth

  11. Went out to check the full moon last nite.

    So bright…was very irratated when I saw all the CT’s all around in the moons general direction (due east) in N NV.

    Was crazy windy about 5:30 – shortly after 6 am this morn.

    Skies look great (clear as can be), narry a breeze. Have not checked a map to see where our irradiated storm was diverted to this time. :/

  12. I highly doubt this is aluminum chemtrails. Aluminum dust is poisonous and explosive. It’s probably something else entirely, but still has the same effect you’re describing.

  13. You’d have done well here with it, Henry, at least Sat. or yesterday. No chemtrails at all.

    Today, however, is a different story.

  14. Funny Farmer I agree with you 100% on this being the most important thing affecting humanity. I left a comment a few minutes ago under the news item sent in by Angel NYC on March 15 titled New storm to bring severe thunderstorms to South snow to east.
    Asking Paul and #1 NWO Hatr for their opinion, if you have the time I would like yours also. Thanks

  15. I’m so sorry to hear you weren’t able to enjoy your sun oven. I hope Laura managed to finally get her delicious bread baked in spite of the chemtrails. Can you imagine how often one would get stranded with a solar car on a less-than-bright day?

    Can’t these things be sh** out of the way? Okay … how ’bout taking the air out of the tires or poking a hole in the gas tank?
    . . .

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