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ChicagoPolice-CopBlockDue to the number of Americans murdered by cops after calling 911, I consider this as nothing less than a life-saving decision.

Cop Block – by Victor Taglia

The Chicago Police department has decided to stop responding to select 911 calls. Apparently, they will not be responding to calls such as “criminal damage to property, vehicle thefts, garage burglaries, or other crimes in which the suspect is no longer on the scene, and the victim isn’t in immediate danger.” This is all so that “the equivalent of 44 police officers a day” will be available for patrol duties.  

People are already scared of police officers when they don’t need help, but now when they need the police department’s help, the cops may or may not respond? People expect to have something done right away when their rights have been violated by another person, whether it may be assault, stealing, or really almost any crime able to be committed against a person. Wouldn’t you want police to investigate your burglarized house or try to find the person that just assaulted you? That is what taxpayers pay for! But now, if the crime is not in progress, they will not respond. It is absolutely ridiculous!

Basically, the police are doing the exact opposite of what is expected. If you are video taping them or not acting very nice, they will arrest and jail you. But if your house is burglarized, may as well just leave, get something to eat, and go home a few hours later. Then you only have to wait another hour before they show up!

Now, you will still be able to file reports over the phone, but it is nowhere near as comforting as when a police officer is at the crime scene where you see something being done. It seems as if police are doing less and less for protecting citizens and more for protecting themselves. They give justifications like, “In this day and age, it is very dangerous and our officers need to be safe,” for an incident such as shooting an innocent unarmed man dead in his own home, but when the citizens they have sworn to protect are hurt, who cares, right? People are scared, and for good reason. Chicago seems to be getting more unsafe every minute.

Victor Taglia

6 thoughts on “Chicago Police

  1. “The Chicago Police department has decided to stop responding to select 911 calls.”

    That should drastically reduce the ‘murder by cop’ rate in Chicago.

    Call 911 ANYWHERE in this country, and your life expectancy drops dramatically once they arrive on the scene.

  2. Workers respond to their bosses.Should police be a monopoly of the state or a free market enterprise?Why go to court with the cops,prosecution and judge all under the payroll of the sItate?Conflict of interest?Anybody interested in thinking?I know I don’t have to think for myself because my democratic government will save my worthless ass but the rest of you might want to look into how we got involved in w.w.1 and how it fundamentally changed our nation like nothing since Lincoln,the greatest murder of all.This is only what people have told me.Thanks to public education I view them as fools and have no further need for history,individual freedom or natural law.I love big brother.Mostly because he makes my point for me and because he’s just another coward cowering behind the collapsing state.The state will do a lot more murdering before they’re through,but they’re through.

    1. Sorry, but you seem to be a bit confused on the Lincoln issue.

      Had it not been for his appeal to the Czar of Russia for his naval fleet (the most powerful in the world at the time) to intervene, the international banksters would have succeeded in their scheme to split the U.S. into two separate countries, and installing central banks in each one.

      Lincoln was a HERO in my book, if only for this action alone.

  3. It’s like the Australian Cops (7 hours later they show up!) except Aussie cops are not kill crazy… Yet.

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