5 thoughts on “Chicks With Guns

  1. If we had more chicks with guns.
    The world would be a safer place.
    Plus they’re so cute.
    As long as they don’t grow up to be chickens.


    Sorry… I have to interpret chicken speak for you.
    That would be a chicken sound if they were laughing at my comment.

    1. Love your command of the English language brother. If you were close I would hypnotize you.be cool to see you bark like a chicken and cluck like a dog.

  2. Koyote… just gave me a brain storm.
    I call dibs though on the domain name.
    Drum roll poleazzzz .


    Don’t go wild now with your imagination.

    It’s just a stupid site where the ladies post pictures of themselves with guns.
    Hopefully nothing to disturbing.

    I call dibs.

  3. Baby chickens with guns is a great idea–imagine what these cuties could do to any “farmer” wanting to set up a factory farm? (I like chicken and beef and pork–but hate factory farms! Won’t eat mistreated baby cows, aka veal…)

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