China arrest and questions man for telling joke online

The Outer Light

Dec 2, 2019

Recently a video was posted online in regarding a man who was arrested for telling on joke in China. The man was questioned regarding the fact he commented underneath a picture of a police man confiscating a bicycle. The video was most likely published by China itself who are not shy to publicizing behaviour they think is wrong-think.

4 thoughts on “China arrest and questions man for telling joke online

    1. Yeah, I bet it was just a joke. He actually spoke what he believed which actually was the truth about cops.

      Communists for sure!

      See any parallels in America?

      I do.

  1. This is pure fear propaganda being advertised to keep the sheep in line… The Chinese people along with the rest of us should rise up and crush these maggots at every level, smash the oppression, hang every last person claiming authority over others and just say NO….

    Thought crimes…! Mandatory recycling..? they are trying to implement this stuff here too….

    As far as China goes, they have the numbers to arise and suffocate this commie regime and its own armies; and I would wager the average Chinese troops would flip and join the people real fast if only the masses would arise.

    Well, I talk about them, shit we need to do the same…. !!!

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