Chris Christie, Snubbed by CPAC, Oh the Humanity!

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has not been invited to speak at CPAC which will be coming up in three weeks and speculation is running wild as to how such an insult could possibly occur, especially considering the fact that Mitt Romney, Rand Paul, and Sarah Palin have speaking engagements for the event.

This bullshit is being plastered all over the mainstream programming as our country slowly dies a miserable death.  So called politicians from both sides of the false left-right paradigm hypocritically condemn special interest money and influence in Washington DC from the corporations on the right and the labor unions on the left. 

CPAC stands for Conservative Political Action Conference, which is a misnomer and would be more rightly identified as the Corporate Political Action Conference and to say that the communists do not dwell therein is complete bullshit.  Within the last month we have seen two green communists’ corporations which took hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars, cashed out, and sold to China.  I guess you could call these ‘liberal’ profits made through further deindustrialization of our nation, but profits none the less.

And tell me, what is the difference between this scenario and one wherein Bain Capital uses private investment to bolster a company to qualify for loans which are defaulted upon, causing the corporation to go bankrupt and be moved to China, with the investors taking the loan money as profit dividends while the taxpayer picks up the tab for the bankruptcy?

Anyone who thinks there is a two party system in the United States with diametrically opposing views can count themselves among the duped, which through their stupidity, have caused the destruction of the greatest nation to have ever existed on this planet.  There are no political parties, there is only a gang of thieves who have cut our throats and as soon as we are bled out, will begin cutting one another’s.

So, Chris Christie wasn’t invited to CPAC.  Well maybe he should have had some photographs taken of himself, sitting in his office with an Israeli flag planted over his shoulder where the American flag should be like Sarah Palin did, or kissing the Wailing Wall like Mitt Romney did or making a special trip to Israel to kiss the ass of Netanyahu like Rand Paul did.  But he didn’t.  Why?  Because he is too frickin’ dumb to even so much as know how to suck up properly.  You see, if there is a slight here, it is coming from AIPAC as CPAC us but a subsidiary thereof.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

13 thoughts on “Chris Christie, Snubbed by CPAC, Oh the Humanity!

  1. Christie Creme wasn’t invited because they don’t want the buffet to run out. He will probably too busy at his sobama shrine anyway.

    1. Hell Snarkles, they would have to reinforce the chairs he would sit in and also he would probobly use the table cloth for a napkin to wipe off all that cream that ooses out of all them jelly filled rolls and baked goodies.

  2. So many New Jersey nitwits are greatly enamored with this guy. I guess I should expect nothing less from sheeple that are blind, dumb, and asleep. Chris Christie vs Hilary Clinton 2016: the Presidential election made in Hell!

    1. It is hard to imagine either one of those two as president. LOL Sunfire, they must have been watching too many of them reality shows as for those two running for pres. would be a real reality show to show just how far the elite have been alowed to bring our good country down on its knees.

  3. I think it’s time for Christie to cash out his Hurricane Sandy chips and retire on a deserted island somewhere and hope there’s a big enough tsunami wave to flood him and it forever.

  4. My Fellow Patriots:

    Here in Nazi-Jersey, evrybody know where this picture came from.

    This was when Christie was visting a local elementary school, and then ate two whole kindergarden classes, and part of a 1st grade class.

    This picture was taken at the precise moment when he was thinking of going into the teachers lounge to eat them also.

    Funerals services for the eaten children to be held Thursday,.. with an open buffet.

    JD – US Marines – Christie is known locally as, “Pizza-The-Hut”. (apologies to “Spaceballs”….)

  5. crispy crisp sed that tritium in the water table is ok becuz we dont have to worry about for 15 yeers. that wuz before the earthquake and tsunami in japan. i bet he wishes he never sed sumpin so dumb. (oyster creek atom power plant , atlantic county)

    the he sed perchlorate (that is rocket fuel) in the water table is ok becuz it happened 30 yeers ago.

    dont crispy crisp look like he wuz exposed to tritium and perchlorate? aint it grand that he will get the best health care when he needs quadruple bypass surgery? aint it? AINT IT?

  6. The good thing about these whale sized politicians is that they won’t be hard to hunt down and harpoon after the revolution.

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