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Do you want to know America’s future after the Dollar Dies? Look at the case of Chris Dorner and multiply that by 10,000. Dorner had sent his manifesto to Anderson Cooper at CNN on February 1 ,2013. His killing spree began on February 3rd.  Dorner wanted the LAPD to publicly admit that he was dismissed because he reported excessive force.

He killed 4 people and wounded 3 others despite having sent a manifesto to the news media so they knew who to look for. He had a list of 40 names on his “Bad Boy” list. Every one of them was assigned a security detail. Every motorcycle officer was taken off their cycles to remove them as easy targets. 

Thousands of police officers went looking for Chris Dorner but he managed to live for 9 days until February 12th despite having a million dollar reward placed on him. He crippled a major police force. That police department went insane.  They knew they were looking for a huge black man who had been a running back in college. But look at what they did.

Two officers on a protection detail thought that two Asian women driving a truck of a different make and color to Dorner’s were him. They opened fire wounding the women without warning.

In a second incident 25 minutes later police officers from another protection detail rammed a truck – also of a different make and color to Dorner’s. The truck owner who was white was also shot.

The two women collected $4.2 million in damages. The white man received $1.8 million.

Now imagine that Dorner had not sent a manifesto with a list of names to kill. Imagine that the US Deep State developed a Main Core list of 8 million Americans to be picked up in case the economy collapses or there is an armed rebellion for some reason.  After a few days, we might see an armed resistance of at least 10,000 men with nothing to lose go after their private list of “enemies of the state.”

Now look at the world from the perspective of the people who run the government in DC for the benefit of the Bankers who were allowed to steal trillions of dollars from federal programs. 10,000 men could kill a lot of people that Bankers need to run interference.  If
local police were to help federal agents to try and round up 20,000 heavily armed men every for 400 days, they might get killed by the resistance. Hence, the idea of 10,000 Dorners. It is rather doubtful anyone judged to be resistant to the New World Order would sit at home and wait for the federal goon squads to pick them up. At the very least they would bug out for a few days with food, water, supplies and plenty of weapons.

Local law enforcement agencies will be rather busy with the coming Nationwide Food Riots. 60% of all US dollars are overseas. They are used to buy things for free to maintain the illusion that America is a wealthy country. There is a Day coming soon when people overseas will refuse to be defrauded by being paid in worthless I Owe You Nothing Federal Reserve Notes. One day soon there will be Currency Reset and Americans will have to buy gold or trade food for cars and electronics. But a lot of countries have banned GMO food so we might have to take a 50% pay cut when prices double over night after the 60% of our money overseas is sent back to us.

America was over populated by design.  We have 325 million people in a nation with sufficient natural resources for 150 million. We started importing oil back in the 1950s when our population quickly soared passed 150 to 180 million. Tens of millions of people
will die. Actually, America will be in a worse position than if our only problem was 10,000 Chris Dorners killing people on their enemies list.

It is time for anyone living in American cities to have an exit strategy and a secure destination. Things will be even worse in some countries. But some will have enough food to feed all their people. America will not be one of those nations able to feed the working poor.

Let me close with something I have not said for awhile.

The Fundamental Fact of Your Existence as a modern man or woman is that the bankers of New York and London want to reduce you to Debt Slavery.

Accept that fact and move on to the solution.

That is their plan for you.

What is your plan for them?

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2 thoughts on “Chris Dorner Times 10,000

  1. Must really suck to be a bunch of scared punks with nothing but their “brotherhood” to back them up with all their crimes against humanity..especially when one of their own wakes up and starts to make them pay for it

    10,000 Dorners might be a good thing after the dust settles…Im not in fear of this
    as i already have had a plan for this many many years ago , it has been their past actions of earning the hate that have woken me up to the potential “personal war” they bring to everyone’s table

    stay woke folks

    dash cams are no joke ..get one that not only covers your front/rear and cabin views
    having it tell the real truth , will pay for itself in one dismissed ticket or attempted murder from the PoliceState

  2. Overpopulated my ass. Drive through Texas, Montana, Wyoming, or even central NEW YORK STATE!! There is PLENTY of acreage, just not enough “brains” to populate it properly.
    They’re going to spew the garbage “war-on-cops” bullshit constantly because people still listen to the MSM and the Russian Collusion spiel.
    Tell a big enough lie long enough, and just enough people will believe it to make laws regarding it. Ask Eddie Bernays.

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