Civil war battle lines being drawn as Magpul, Colt, Beretta and other gun manufacturers relocate to pro-Constitution states

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A civil war looks likely to break out in America, and it will pit gun rights advocates (people who love liberty) against gun control zealots (people who hate freedom and love tyranny). The battle lines are being drawn right now as gun manufacturers are leaving anti-Constitution states like Connecticut and Colorado and relocating to pro-Constitution states like Texas and Arizona.  

Why does this matter? Because in effect, the anti-Constitution states are disarming themselves by expatriating weapons manufacturers. Thus, they are eliminating their own weapons infrastructure and leaving themselves relatively defenseless should a civil war occur.

States like Texas and Wyoming, where gun manufacturers are increasingly moving and setting up shop, are simultaneously building up a massive arms infrastructure that may ultimately spell the difference between victory and defeat in a civil war.

This is the tragic truth of the current anti-America, anti-Constitution, criminal government takeover happening in multiple states across our Republic right now: those who hate liberty are disarming themselves.

Colt moving to Texas, others likely to follow

If the majority of people in states like New York, Connecticut and Colorado wish to be disarmed slaves living as subjects to a tyrannical government, then they are also going to see more gun owners leaving those states and seeking new lives in gun-friendly states like Texas, Montana, Arizona and Idaho. I can tell you firsthand that here in Texas, we shoot big, heavy firearms on the weekend (.50 BMG), and if the local sheriff shows up, it’s only because they want some trigger time, too! (You gotta pick the right county, though. Stay away from Travis County at all costs…)

Because Texas is a state that upholds the Second Amendment rights of its citizens, Texas is already attracting both gun manufacturers and gun-friendly citizens who are relocating there. For example, firearms maker Colt is leaving Connecticut and moving to Texas, bringing valuable skills, hardware, manufacturing equipment and jobs to Texas.

Magpul industries, makers of 30-round rifle magazines, also says it’s leaving Colorado and looking for a destination more aligned with the Constitutional rights of American citizens.

Such moves are not only valuable for the Texas economy; it also means that once the Civil War is unleashed in America and the collectivist anti-American, anti-Constitution leftist gun grabbers try to force national disarmament at gunpoint, states like Texas will be cranking out Colt rifles and putting them into the hands of freedom fighters who will send as much lead down range as is necessary to reinforce the point that the Bill of Rights is not negotiable.

Texas also controls much of the national energy supply

If leftists living in treasonous states try to push their criminal agenda onto the entire nation, let ’em figure out how to live without energy, too. Texas not only has the guns, you see… it’s also got the energy. Over one-third of America’s oil and natural gas flows through Texas-based refineries and ports. Any attempt to mess with Texas means the rest of the country won’t get its energy needs met.

Texas can defend its resources with — guess what? — citizens armed with rifles made in Texas, loaded with high-capacity magazines made in Texas, shooting bullets loaded in Texas in full alignment with the Bill of Rights that’s defended in Texas.

That’s why every time another criminal state government (like that of Connecticut) passes another unconstitutional law stripping its own citizens of the right to own firearms, I cheer when the gun manufacturers in that state announce they’re moving out. If Boulder, Colorado wants to fulfill its socialist dreams of total government tyranny, then we all welcome MagPul exiting Boulder and setting up shop in a pro-Constitution zone where the company’s many talents will be fully appreciated.

Traitorous states are disarming themselves

I love the idea that all these companies are moving out of wannabe communist cities like Boulder, or traitorous anti-Constitution states like Connecticut. Because in truth, we want the anti-Constitution states to have no weapons manufacturing infrastructure. It will make them easier to defeat in a military campaign designed to free the enslaved citizens living in those states from tyranny rule.

This fact is multiplied even further by the fact that many U.S. gun and ammo manufacturers are REFUSING to sell equipment to anti-Constitution governments, including the state government of Connecticut. The full list is posted at The Police Loophole.

It’s a huge list of weapons manufacturers and retailers, including Barrett, Midway USA, Cheaper Than Dirt, Larue Tactical, Rock River Arms, Bravo Company USA and more.

What this means is that if the traitorous, criminal federal government attempts to overrun the People with the 2 billion rounds of ammo DHS has been stockpiling, they’re going to find themselves outgunned and out-supplied by the private gun and ammo manufacturing and distribution industry which will absolutely NOT sell any equipment to the federal government.

By the way, private individuals are buying up hundreds of millions of rounds of ammo each week, vastly out-pacing DHS stockpiling. On top of that, there’s also the fact that brain-dead DHS employees are too stupid to know how to use firearms effectively in the first place. If DHS hands all their stockpiled guns to TSA agents, for example, they’re far more likely to shoot off their own toes than wage anything resembling a tactical war. They would be almost instantly out-maneuvered and out-gunned by veterans, hunters, sheriff’s deputies and privately-trained citizens.

It is important to bring all collaborators to justice

It’s going to be hilarious seeing all the governors and state representatives of the traitorous anti-gun states trying to defend themselves against armed arrest squads when they have no weapons.

I’m just curious how all these traitorous lawmakers think they’re going to defend themselves against real justice once the shooting begins. Are they so delusional that they think nobody is recording their names and votes? To be on the record voting to destroy the Second Amendment is nothing less than treason. To cast such a vote in a nation founded on armed resistance to tyranny is nothing less than suicide.

Because the anti-Constitution criminals have disarmed themselves, the pro-Constitution justice teams will be able to march right in, arrest these traitors for sedition and round them up for a mass trial where they can join their fellow traitors from Colorado, New York and California (among other states).

For the purposes of law and justice, it will be very important to make sure that all those who have actively violated the Bill of Rights be arrested, charged and brought to trial for their crimes. Historically, the typical punishment for those found guilty of acts of treason against their own nation has been the death penalty (i.e. firing squad). Even further, those who have actively conspired to destroy America’s Constitution and Bill of Rights are, by the government’s own definition, “enemy combatants,” meaning they may be held and imprisoned under the rules of war.

It’s time we all began to understand that lawmakers who vote for unconstitutional gun control measures in America are, by definition, “enemy combatants” who are engaged in actual warfare against America. They have moved the nation far past the era of polite debate. These traitors now have put guns to all our heads, demanding we comply or be arrested. In New York and elsewhere, many innocent citizens have already been thrown in jail for the “crime” of exercising their constitutional rights. The war against liberty has begun, and the battle lines are being drawn as gun and ammo manufacturers relocate to states that choose to side with the Constitution rather than outright tyranny.

You would be wise to make a similar choice. If you are a person who believe in anything resembling liberty — owning a gun, growing your own food, homeschooling your children — you will be arrested and imprisoned during the civil war if you stay in the criminal anti-Constitution states.

On the other hand, those very same activities will be openly welcomed in pro-Constitution states that actually abide by the law of the land. And it is those states that will have the hardware advantage once the fighting starts.

For your convenience, here’s a list of criminal, traitorous anti-Constitution states vs. relatively pro-Constitution states: (some states are not listed because they do not neatly fit into either category)

List of criminally run, anti-Constitution states

Get OUT of these states if you value liberty!

New York
New Jersey
Rhode Island

List of (relatively) pro-Constitution states

MOVE to these states if you value liberty!

New Mexico
North Dakota
South Dakota
South Carolina
West Virginia
New Hampshire

Learn more:

10 thoughts on “Civil war battle lines being drawn as Magpul, Colt, Beretta and other gun manufacturers relocate to pro-Constitution states

  1. Why are people handing their PERSONAL FREEDOM MAINTAINING TOOLS (guns) over to traitors on demand.I dont understand why they even have them if they dont know what they are for maybe these are just “HUNTING GUNS” and are no good for PROTECTING their homes and families.

  2. “shall no be infringed” – in Arziona, the citizens, the tax breaks and the laws defend, preserve and protect the U.S. Constitution. Arizona Highways would do well to identify Arizona as a 2nd Amendment Friendly vacation haven for those whose defense of Liberty are heralded.

  3. Amateurs study tactics. Professionals study Logistics! We will have the logistics!

    During the War of Northern Aggression they had the armaments manufacturing. With it all moving to the West we are going to win!

  4. Boy has this article got it wrong: Its not a civil war about guns and the constitution but between vice and virtue, between good and evil.
    Catholic mystics have warned that soon and without real warning civil war and revolution will break out in both Europe and America, to be the most violent in the history of the world, and when all is in turmoil and chaos, after several months of violent civil war, Russia and its allies attack both Western Europe and America. Many Catholic mystics have warned this to be coming very soon: That God is going to severely punish both the Hierarchy of the Church and the laity for the massive Apostasy now happening, for abortion, homosexuality, contraception, divorce, pornography, fraud, etc,etc, and when all seems lost, when both the Church and world seem doomed, then God will intervene and turn the tide whereby our enemies will then be even more severely punished and completely annihilated, but not before we have underwent God’s Justice. The mystics say that when this war starts, not long after, all will realize what it is about, virtue vs vice, Satan against God, evil vs good, this time it will be made evident and rest assured both sides will have plenty of guns.
    Russia with all the Muslims nations will attack and overrun all of Europe, all American soldiers overseas will be killed and all American and Western supply depots will be captured.
    In America – we get attacked from five or six sides while we are in this civil war and revolution combined.
    1. Mexico – sides with Russia.
    2. Florida – Venesuela, Cuba, Brazil and all South American Marxist countries side with Russia, all this has already been planned.
    3. Minnesota – Largest pop. of Russians and Muslims live in the Dakota’s, Minnesota and Mich. (Many secret weapons caches in America)
    4. Alaska – Russians attempt to come down through Alberta and cross border but are stopped by the Canadians and Americans at the border.
    5. California – One Million man Chinese amphibious assault “with help from within our own government” (notice even now Kerry’s giving the Chinese our defense secrets)
    6. Russia landing on East Coast to supposedly push past Pittsburgh are the plans.

    Obama’s mission was to prepare America for a Marxist Dictatorship whereby N.America will be partitioned between Russia and China.
    To move America into chaos (civil war) and to open it up to invasion.

    The mystics say that we win in the end – virtue completely annihilates vice, the good win, so to speak, that every single major city in the world will be destroyed by either the war or the elements, that the earthquakes now happening are just very “small” warnings of what is about to come, but man does not see or admit this is from God.

    No electricity, gas, food, stores, etc, for near two years in America. In the final end the Russians/Chinese and their allies are all defeated, but not at first, at first they win everywhere but the virtuous, “good guys – so to speak” fight on and eventually, with God’s help we drive the enemy into the ocean and completely defeat our internal enemies.

    Google or search: JR Nyquist – For Patriots who think: A good descrption of what is going to happen, or and, “WW3 Prophecies and Visions from Central Europe” concerning the European war. All this to happen very soon.
    Pope JPII asked a German Catholic mystic in 1984 what he had seen in his visons to which he said: I saw the sky black with planes and missiles coming out of Russia towards the West (Europe) and two submarines surfacing on the East and West Coast of America and firing their missiles at the coastal cities in a last desperate attempt to turn the tide which will have then turned against them. Many mystics talk about a Russian army of over 10 million, not counting the Moslems and Chinese – but again we win say these mystics. Catholics and Protestants fight together to defeat this Marxist/Atheist/Muslim/Judeo-Freemasonic army – which again – is completely annihilated in the end of this coming four year war to happen very soon.
    – Sister Lucia of Fatima said in 1990 that Russia will attack America
    – Blessed Sister Elena Aiello, Italian mystic said that Russia will attack and overrun all of Europe and America with her “secret” armies. (i.e. Homeland Security, TSA, IRS, etc as Obama is militarizing these government agency’s and placing homosexuals and Marxists in all the high positions). And underlying all of this is Judaism which hides in the shadows and manipulates the whole plan.
    – Many Catholic mystics of the utmost integrity have been shown visions of all this to come shortly, that 3/4 of the world dies in this four year war, followed by the greatest era of peace and prosperity the world has ever seen for a few generation until man falls again and then comes the anti-christ.

    For those who side with God and virtue, which this is all about and will be made completely evident in time – live to see the great peace.

    So this article misses the whole point and essence of what is happening, that this time we are going to witness an “Apocalytic event” – as the Mother of God said at Akita, Japan in 1976, that not a soul alive will not be terrified of what is about to happen and that She has been holding her sons’s arm back from His chastisement but cannot much longer.

  5. jarheadusmc,You must have missed the headlines 100MILLION ARMED PISSED OFF AMERICANS,So tell your profiseer to hope and prey that this terrific unbelievable massive army of american nationals quinches its thirst for justice and doesnt head across the oceans of the world tracking down even more filth awaiting justice.hows that for an AMERICAN prophecy. fixin to be fulfilled.

  6. If Texas is so free, why is marijuana still illegal there? In Texas, you may be free to own a gun, but in other ways, it’s still a POLICE STATE. It has many FOR PROFIT private prisons and jail time for the slighest of offenses.

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