Climate Alarmists Push Chinese Communism, Population Control

Climate Alarmists Push Chinese Communism, Population ControlThe New American – by Alex Newman

Global warming alarmists such as Al Gore, United Nations climate boss Christiana Figueres, and senior Obama administration officials are showing their true colors, proposing “solutions” for fighting alleged man-made climate change that are increasingly outlandish and outright totalitarian. Even as UN theories crumble amid 17 years with no warming, climate alarmists are calling for, among other measures, more population-control schemes and even Communist Chinese-style despotism to supposedly battle human CO2 emissions.  

Like almost every real or contrived problem, Big Government extremists around the world now openly admit that they hope to fight “climate change” with tyranny. Helping to lead the way today: the Obama administration, which is now brazenly trying to rule over America and the “climate” using unconstitutional decrees, and the brutal Chinese dictatorship. On February 15, the two powers formally announced that they would become partners in the war on freedom masquerading as a battle against “global warming.”

In recent days, without any legitimate authority to do so, Obama administration Secretary of State John Kerry (shown) has been making hysterical and ridiculous “climate” pledges — including a deal with the communist regime ruling over mainland China. The autocracy in Beijing and the Obama administration “commit to devote significant effort and resources to secure concrete results,” the two governments said in a “joint statement” on global warming after Kerry’s meeting with the ruthless Chinese autocrats.

The deeply controversial and unconstitutional agreement comes about a month after what might be among the most revealing developments so far in the supposed war on man-emitted carbon dioxide — an essential natural gas exhaled by humans that makes up a fraction of one percent of the greenhouse gases naturally in the atmosphere. According to Christiana Figueres, the “executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change,” the communist regime in Beijing, famous for forced abortions and mass murder, is “doing it right” when it comes to fighting alleged global warming.

Of course, mainland China is the biggest emitter of CO2 on Earth. It is also among the most polluted nations anywhere in the world, with real pollutants — not essential-to-life CO2 — wreaking havoc on the public. For the UN’s top “climate” official, however, it is the barbaric political system enslaving 1.3 billion people, not the pollution, that is to be admired. Figueres told Bloomberg that the Communist Party despots, among other supposed achievements, are able to implement UN-backed “climate” schemes more efficiently because the regime does not have to deal with “legislative hurdles” such as those in the United States and other nations where citizens are supposed to have a say in government.

Figueres lamented that the “political divide” in the U.S. Congress — presumably a reference to the significant number of American lawmakers who reject imploding UN climate alarmism masquerading as “science” — has “slowed” efforts to pass “climate” legislation. That, the UN official claimed, is “very detrimental” to the fight against alleged global warming, which even alarmistshave now been forced to admit has been on “pause” for 17 years in defiance of all 73 UN “climate” models.

In other words, Figueres appears to believe that representative government is among the many outdated Western notions that the UN would like to see scrapped as part of the bogus effort to “save” the planet by shackling it. Put another way, Chinese-style communism — the communist regime has murdered an estimated 60 million to 80 million innocent people since seizing power after World War II, not including the unborn in forced abortions — is the best way to fight “global warming.”

It seems that the Obama administration, which has increasingly turned to unconstitutional “climate” edicts and decrees as the UN’s global warming theories crumble, agrees with Figueres and other alarmists about the Chinese model. Obama’s “Science Czar” John Holdren, for instance, who has been intensely ridiculed in recent months by climate scientists for spewing pseudo-scientific hysteria, was a strong proponent of Chinese-style forced abortions and totalitarianism, even writing the book Ecosciencepromoting the global tyranny.

The Obama administration, meanwhile, perhaps taking its cue from Beijing, has also been using “executive” machinations to shut down coal-fired energy production. Under the guise of limiting carbon dioxide emissions, the Obama EPA, similar to how autocracies such as China’s work, is simply spewing out new “regulations” that will devastate industries, kill jobs, cause soaring energy prices, and more. Obama is also unilaterally setting up so-called “regional climate hubs” to “help” farmers. Now, the administration and the communist regime in Beijing will “work together” in the battle.

“China and the United States will work together … to collaborate through enhanced policy dialogue, including the sharing of information regarding their respective post-2020 plans to limit greenhouse gas emissions,” the joint statement between the Obama administration and the communist regime continued. “Both sides reaffirm their commitment to contribute significantly to successful 2015 global efforts to meet this challenge.” The administration appears to be under the wildly mistaken impression that it can foist the schemes on America by decree.

As The New American has been reporting since last year, the UN and its member governments and dictatorships are frantically hoping to secure a planetary “climate” regime next year at a global-warming summit in Paris. Any more delays and what numerousscientists and experts refer to as the global warming “scam” could collapse entirely, crushing the totalitarian hopes of alarmist forces. Recent reports, however, suggest that the Obama administration, aware that a UN “climate” regime would never be ratified by the U.S. Senate as required by the Constitution, is plotting to bypass Congress to foist the global scheme on the United States unilaterally.

According to news reports, the White House is quietly crafting new regulations and pledges to deliver to the UN, sparking an outcry among critics. “So this is just the latest example of President Obama’s contempt for obeying the Constitution and our laws,” Myron Ebell, director of the Center of Energy and Environment at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, was quoted as saying by The Daily Caller News Foundation. “In the past, rulers who act as if the law does not apply to them were called tyrants.” The only positive side, analysts say, is that the unconstitutional climate decrees would be relatively easy for Congress or a future administration to undo.

Al Gore, meanwhile, whose absurd failed predictions and hysteria have made him into a global laughingstock even among alarmists, is also touting Chinese-style “solutions” to alleged man-made global warming. Echoing the comments of top administration officials, Chinese communists, UN climate alarmists, and globalist billionaires obsessed with reducing the human population, Gore claimed late last month that “fertility management” that is “ubiquitously available” was crucial to stopping alleged global warming.

Especially problematic, Gore and his fellow alarmists insist, is the growing number of people in Africa, where the UN Population Fund and the Obama administration are working fiendishly to reduce the population. The Communist Chinese regime has been at the forefront of global “population-control” schemes, forcibly aborting and sterilizing hundreds of millions of innocent people with UN assistance as part of its ghoulish “one-child” policy. Vice President Joe Biden, of course, once famously declared that he “fully” understands and is “not second-guessing” the murderous policy.

As The New American has documented extensively, the pseudo-science and half-baked “computer models” underpinning the climate alarmism hyped by the UN and the Obama administration has already collapsed. From fraudulent data manipulation andnow-exposed “Climategate” scams to the lack of global warming for 17 years and record levels of sea ice, it has become objectively clear that global-warming theorists and their theories are simply wrong.

In response to the implosion of their credibility and the scheme to foist a new world “climate” regime on humanity, however, global-warming alarmists have doubled down. Kerry, for example, appearing increasingly detached from reality, is traveling around Asia making preposterously shrill claims. “We should not allow a tiny minority of shoddy scientists and science and extreme ideologues to compete with scientific fact,” he claimed, further exposing either his ignorance or deliberate deception as many of the world’s top scientists — including more than a few who have served on the UN’s climate bodies — reject the alarmism. He also called global warming “the greatest challenge of our generation.”

In reality, the UN’s climate theories have been exposed as wildly inaccurate — to put it mildly. The real challenges facing this generation include out-of-control lying governments, tyrants, starvation, mass-murder, human rights abuses, international outfits and establishment shills determined to enslave humanity under various pretexts, genocide, and more. Climate, of course, has always changed, and almost certainly will continue to change as long as the Earth exists. What does not change is the zealous determination of maniacs, politicians and bureaucrats to empower themselves and their cronies at the expense of the people they misrule.

Photo of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in China: AP Images

Alex Newman is a correspondent for The New American, covering economics, science, politics, and more. He can be reached at

One thought on “Climate Alarmists Push Chinese Communism, Population Control

  1. My understanding is.

    The UN follows the IPCC, the IPCC this year was based on last years IPCC, rinse, repeat, all the way back to the FIRST which was Created, FOR GOVERNMENTS to make the report into FACTS whiche they can then roll out their solution. In other words, they said here’s what it is (even though it’s complete horsepoo) now make LAWS which fit the lies.

    It wasn’t a peer-reviewed report, it was a DIRECTIVE, a PLAN for leaders. Where the plan has illogic and insanity, the Leaders of the countries fill it in with more lies, and agenda 21 solutions. IT wasn’t peer reviewed, it was written for the peers to embrace even though it was and still is flawed.

    It’s Problem, Reaction, Solution. -imo

    Meanwhile, Corporate Media, and the GreenTards don’t talk about SAG/SRM ops, or the RF heating the ionisphere. Chemtrails is a word from the “conspiracy theory dictionary” — yet they’re real, just look up.

    About the only thing I can think of to fight back against it is some kind of reflection. Since everything they’re doing to ENERGISE the atmosphere is based on RF..

    1. travels forever in a straight line
    2. bounces off FLAT surface BIGGER than the wavelength
    3. absorbed by Surface smaller than the wavelength

    So we find their frequencies, and bounce them out towards space. Or absorbe them. Being Microwave, the wavelength is going to be small, so I don’t know how your going to absorb it. Maybe that’s why they spray the chaff?
    And I think that bouncing it is actually their goal, to BOUNCE against atmospheric layers.

    They know the math better than I

    That’s all I know. And I could be wrong about Weather Warfare, but I am NOT wrong about the properties of RF.

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