Last Day: Commie Cleaver 2015 by Hack-o-Matic – Enter to win

DSCN0365Last day for the drawing. Cut-off for entries is 1:00 pm Pacific, 4:00 pm Eastern.  

Thank you and good luck to all who enter!

We will be having a drawing today for these two beyond bad-ass tomahawks, hand made by jstp and donated to support the site and the broadcast. These Commie Cleavers are perfect for that clean beheading that will leave you with a trophy to put on a pike in your front yard.  Or for a keepsake to last generations, simply tube-skin the commie noggin and whisk it away to your local taxidermist.  

All donations received this week, May 4th through May 8th, will automatically get your name in the hat, dollar for dollar.  That is, one dollar, one entry.  If you are mailing a contribution this week that we might not receive by Friday, let us know by email ( and we will put your entries in.

The drawing will be held in the last segment of Friday’s broadcast of The Word From the Trenches.

Thank you to all who step up this week and all who have stepped up time and again to support our fight here in the Trenches.  And a special thanks to jstp for the creation and donation of the two Commie Cleaver 2015s by Hack-a-Matic.

First prize will be the larger of the two tomahawks with the other, which isn’t a whole lot smaller, being second prize.


Good luck everyone.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

11 thoughts on “Last Day: Commie Cleaver 2015 by Hack-o-Matic – Enter to win

  1. Awesome tomahawks. (nice job, jstp)

    I’d jump into this drawing if I weren’t so goddamn broke right now, even though I already have a beheading axe. (everyone needs at least one)

  2. In that size. You are ahead with a old shoe makers clever. With the hammer head on the back. Little more weight there for stroke and the hammer head is great for use on stuborn kids and such.

  3. Henry, is it one dollar per drawing towards both tomahawks or is it a separate drawing for each? Nevermind, I just read the last sentence!

    1. Seeing as how the Commies control and have facilitated the Islamis and their Sharia Law, as they control every other aspect of this country, I would think the answer would be self-evident.

  4. I’d be proud as a ruttin’ buck to hold in my wares such a finely crafted tool. I may have to dump the change jar out!

  5. Got my m/o in the mail today. I would be proud to own either of these fine tools. It would hang on my living room wall next to my bear skin rug where it would be in arms reach, you know just in case I had to build a house or clear my house in a seconds notice. good luck to all who enter. (the drawing that is) 🙂

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