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First Published 10-17-10

Twenty years ago, though they were few, there were people studied in the history of world government who were warning us about  a new one world order, that they said was being crafted behind the scenes.  The fact is the assertion of a one world government goes much further back.  Rome did rule the known world, until it crumbled under its own weight.  Napoleon might have been emperor of the world had he not committed crucial errors.  The ambitions of Adolf Hitler go without saying.  And the fact that the international communists, are determined that one world communism will prevail to encompass every facet, of every society, cannot be denied.

Those people who first put forth these warnings were immediately labeled conspiracy theorists.  Today, the reality of the push for a one world government is common knowledge, as presidents and statesmen around the world have become its advocates.  So what are the conspiracy theories of today that will become the conspiracy facts of tomorrow?

A One World Currency

This issue is sparsely mentioned in the mainstream propaganda, however, if you look behind the scenes, you will find that there is a well orchestrated one world program underway designed to achieve this goal.  For the United States’ part, the foreign Federal Reserve is at present preparing to pump trillions of dollars into our economy.  Many are saying this will have the same effect on our dollar as it had on the German mark in the Weimar Republic in pre-Nazi Germany.  If you know your history, you know that the Weimar Republic experienced hyperinflation, mass unemployment, and famine which eventually led to the German population becoming so desperate for any solution that they readily accepted one of the most diabolical monsters in world history as their dictator.

Population Reduction

There are already eugenics operations being conducted in our country in the form of additives to our water which cause cancers and literally poison our minds; genetically modified foods and food additives which are also designed to implement a soft kill through disease and sterilization; and the most diabolical of all, mass immunizations which are killing our people by the scores.

A One World Slave System

When we fought our Civil War it was definitely over slavery, but not in the sense that has been taught as history in our public schools.  The fact is the majority of the people in the South owned no slaves.  These people fought to stop the outright violation of their states’ rights to peaceably succeed from the union, as they knew that if the rights of the states contained in the Constitution were unenforceable, then their individual rights would follow suit.  The Northern man worked in a factory and fought to stop the spread of slavery into the free territories, as he knew that if it was allowed, he would eventually be competing with slave labor and thus be reduced to a slave himself.  The black people were caught in the middle and were used as pawns in reference to international opinion and the North’s desire that there be no outside intervention that might assist the South.  President Abraham Lincoln was indeed the first politician to play the race card when he gave his Gettysburg address.  If you know history you know that Lincoln freed only the slaves in the states in succession, the Confederacy, a separate country that he and the union were at war with.  President Lincoln stated, “If I could end the war by ending slavery I would, if I could end the war by keeping slavery, I would.”

Today we the 99ers find ourselves in the same position as the Northern man.  As NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT have merged our national economy into the world economy, we are looking at not only competing with slave labor in the one world states of China and North Korea, but are seeing the spread of slavery from the one world states of Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras into our own one world state, the United States.  As the spread has gone unchecked we are already finding ourselves competing with slave labor and eventually, if it is not stopped, we will be enslaved.

You can call these conspiracy theories if you like, but I assure you, that if we fail to stop and correct, they will become conspiracy facts.  I do see hope in that more and more and day by day, the behind the scenes workings of the international corporate mafia are being revealed at an increasing frequency and are becoming common knowledge.

One thought on “Common Knowledge

  1. So, I decided to go back to the beginning. Your earliest posts.
    Hindsight is always 20/20!
    Scary stuff.
    Thank you Henry!

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