Communism divides fathers and sons

Destroying the family unit is one of the planks of the Communist manifesto.

Country boys beware.  The bitches in the cities brought up in broken homes actually like tearing families apart.  They are protected by the communists in control because the American nationals are too big of pussies to use their enormous power to reclaim the country and set it a right, but mark my words, you communist c-ts are going to answer for your actions and you so called men who go along with this shit will answer also.

Communists do not want to fight families.  They want no kind of mental connection between the guy who is watching the torture and the one who is receiving it.

Kill every f-king communist by enforcing the supreme superior absolute unalienable ratified law of December 15, 1791.  No quarter asked, none given.

3 thoughts on “Communism divides fathers and sons

  1. And this is what is being done to us today. Not to all, but to many. And not by any overt edict demanding family separation, but by having poisonous programming poured into the minds of our young for decades.

    Poisonous programming, poisonous entertainment, poisonous fake news, poisonous immorality, poisonous education, and mostly, poisonous medicine, both the mood-altering pill variety and the venomous injection variety. Such is Communism’s Method on earth today. And right behind it sits FORCE, oozing the “Comply or Die” threat.

    America, reclaim your soul!! It’s the Soul of Freedom. Fight for it!!


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