Communist Rally Set for September 17th

September 17th will mark the one year anniversary for the Occupy Movement and of course the commies are coming out of the woodwork for another attempt at hijacking the movement.  We haven’t heard a lot about Occupy for quite a while now and there is a reason.

When the commie unions and commie organizers and contributors found out on May 1st that the power behind the movement, the long term unemployed American nationals, absolutely would not be a part of any socialist movement in the United States, all support was withdrawn and bank accounts shut down.

You see the power behind Occupy is made up primarily of those of us who have lost everything.  These communists think they can take over our movement by buying their way into a leadership role.  They are our enemy and will be put down with the rest when this Revolution goes hot.

All American nationals must stay home on September 17th and let the pathetically small numbers of the commies shine, just like they did on May Day.  And just like on May Day, they will try to fill their ranks with gays and insurgents from south of the border.  And just like on May Day, they will fail to accomplish anything.

There will be one noticeable difference as a result of the boycott of the event by the American nationals, and that is we will see no one being beaten in the streets as the communists will not attack their own.

This thing has gone way past words anyway.  The best we American nationals can do at this point in the ball game is to train to fight and let the communists know that we are taking down their names, each and every one of them and that they will either be deported or killed outright when this Revolution goes hot.

We know what communists are and what they would love to do to us and we will treat with them accordingly.  They are cowards.  They have always been cowards as only a coward could allow a system as pathetic as communism to take them over and rule their lives.

After September 17th and their pathetic show, they will slither back under their rocks and lie in wait for the next opportunity to attempt to harness the power of we American nationals.  And this is where we will find them.  When the war begins that is when we get out our lists and begin exterminating the communist parasites.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

5 thoughts on “Communist Rally Set for September 17th

  1. Where is this to be held??????? I would love to see that list of people….I know there is some in government, I would just like to know how many and who they are! ……”These people are not true American, they are ever-bit as bad as the muslim!”

  2. Hi Henry! I’m glad to see the site seems to be in good order this morning. I’ll be at the hospital this afternoon, my mom has a routine test scheduled. I’ll be back here on Tuesday! (heading to Pennsylvania for the holiday weekend) 🙂

  3. Yea, I’m glad to see the site up and running. I was a little worried last night when it went down.

    Anyways, I have my own list of cowards for when the revolution comes. Maybe some time I can match mine up with yours. LOL

  4. Glad to see an alternative news site that portrays occupy for what it is.

    I was there day 1 in my area. So was the owner of the small manufacturing co. I run. We’re capitalists, we’re intelligent, and we’ve been sick of the elite globalists for a lot longer than the average Joe, I guaran-F’n-tee that.

    Oh how the right wing and the tea party loves to cast us as socialists, or worse, falling for the propaganda their leaders spew. Clueless bastard coporatist pawns have been on my list since day 1. I can’t wait to reconcile that issue.

  5. ……”These people are not true American, they are ever-bit as bad as the muslim!”

    Virgil, hate to be the one to break the news to you, but it’s definitely not the Muslims you need to be worrying about.

    The Zionist so-called ‘Jews’ make those guys look like Mary Poppins by comparison.

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