3 thoughts on “Confessions Of A Former Drone Warrior

  1. Is it just me, or is anyone else having a difficult time trying to sympathize with this guy? I haven’t heard him say anything about how he thinks the wars were waged on bullshit premises, that the “war on terror” is really a war on Terra or anything of any real significance that would identify with someone suffering real remorse. All we get is “woe is me” horseshit about how tough it is for a guy eating 3 solid squares a day operating a computer in an AC cooled bunker that has nightmares about his “Call of Duty” video game murders. Awwwww, poor guy, he saw blood,….on a screen.

    I know guys that came back after seeing their buddy’s guts and limbs all over the place. I know one guy in particular that is personally responsible for having to end a kid carrying an AK that was shooting at him, maybe all of 13 or 14. Cry me a fvcking river, Jack! Drones….

  2. Brandon you are a coward. What danger is sitting in front of a screen pushing buttons killing innocent people. Your very safe they are in great danger. War is hell but what you do is worse. You came home with PTSD can you wonder why?

    War is a racket but at least in the past it was fair two groups faced each other and fought it out till one group won. Not that I approve of this but at least it was fair.

    Sorry but what you did was horrible.

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