Connecticut’s Malloy plotting to ram through “emergency” gun control bill

Bob Owens

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy and his liberal allies in the state House and Senate are plotting to ram through a restrictive and unconstitutional gun control bill next week using procedural tricks that circumvents the rights of the state’s citizens:

Next week, Governor Dannel Malloy (D) and anti-gun legislators are aggressively trying to push through an Emergency Certification Bill (E-Cert), a procedure by which the House Speaker and Senate President Pro Tempore jointly propose legislation and send it directly to the House or Senate floor for a vote.  An E-Cert would bypass the committee process and public hearings, eliminating your opportunity for input.  

As of today, the overwhelming majority of gun-related legislation that has been introduced in Connecticut is an affront to your constitutional rights as a law-abiding citizen.  Some of the most egregious proposals are expected to be rolled into this comprehensive gun control package, including a gun and ammunition rationing scheme, a ban on standard capacity magazines, the registration of all firearms and a ban on nearly all commonly owned semi-automatic firearms used for self-defense, recreational and competitive target shooting, and hunting.

A political party using the caskets of dead children as a podium to call for citizen disarmament has no shame, honor or decency.

Make a list, and take note of each and every politician in the state that goes along with this assault on the Constitution. The time for retribution is coming.

9 thoughts on “Connecticut’s Malloy plotting to ram through “emergency” gun control bill

  1. Gun registries are in violation of the second amendment. I’m not a Constitutional lawyer, but I’ll bet the ban on semi-autos and ammo rationing are as well.

    1. You don’t have to be an expert on the Constitution. All you have to do is be able to define ‘inalienable’ and ‘shall not be infringed’. These bastards commit sedition just by mentioning our rights. Our rights are none of their business, by definition.

  2. Mayor Bloomberg is reinstating SLAVERY by dictating every aspect of the Citizen’s lives, even how much soda-pop they can drink.
    To disarm the People is another step in the process of ENSLAVEMENT.

  3. What on earth motivates a politician to go against what the majority of their constituents want, and pass underhanded legislation virtually guaranteed to ruin their ultimate career goals, not to mention legislation which may violate the constitution itself?

  4. We (gun owners) are legion!
    Stop worrying about what treason these traitors push through with their ink on paper systems & simply ignore what they want.
    Stop begging them for attention.
    Stop calling them.
    Stop emailing them.
    Refusing compliance is the only tactic that we can use now.

    1. I know what you’re trying to say but, perhaps you should take a look at Mark 5: 1-20 before you use “we are Legion”.
      Gun owners are not Satan’s Demons.

  5. I don’t “Cuss” but can agree that “Bastards” is the right word to describe these traitors to our liberty. On the positive side, this issue is waking up the good people of America like never before in my lifetime. To my fellow Patriots: We have a lot of work to do and guts to display and I love you all dearly.

  6. I think what Dave’s trying to say is that there are a lot more of us than our opposition, or we for that matter, thinks there are, thank God.

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