Conspiracy: Gun and Ammo Pricing / Availability Rigged?

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I was browsing online today looking to pick up another 1000 round case of 9mm ammunition, it seems like every day I get emails from places that keep slashing their prices.  Manufactured ammo is going for around $230 (shipped) per case and reloads are under $200, a far cry from pricing two to three years ago (if you could find anything in stock at all).  Just this past weekend I was in a local Cabela’s and the shelves were overflowing.  22LR, reloading supplies, almost everything that used to be in short supply was out there in vast quantities and at prices I would consider very reasonable.  It is most definitely a buyer’s market but for how long?  That got me thinking, could the system be rigged?  I believe that it absolutely could be so allow me to explain.  

The Caveat

Before we dig in too deep let me first toss this out there: my tin foil hat isn’t wrapped too tight with “false flag” theories.  You’ll see guys out there who think everything is a false flag, nothing is what it seems.  These are the same people who distrust the mainstream media but link to articles from CNN or videos from Fox to prove their point.  Hilarious.  So no I’m not a massive conspiracy theorist but I also know those in power aren’t clothed in the gleaming white robes of honesty.  Money makes the world go ’round and there is nothing that can change that.

My (highly speculative) Theory

Let’s say there are those in power who get quite a bit of support from their constituents who are in some form or another part of the gun or ammunition industry (manufacturers, distributors, retailers).  Let’s also say that those in power are also very friendly with other gun lobbyist groups who may or may not have an agenda.   Now when prices are high, guns and ammo are flying off the shelves / availability is slim and life is good for those in the industry.  Profits are up, up, up!  To the contrary when they have to slash prices, inventory is overflowing and buyers can afford to wait (read: there is no sense of urgency) the industry suffers.  Maybe people get laid off, profits are down, things aren’t going so well.  How could they turn things around?  It’s easy…

It Doesn’t Take Much

What if a few powerful politicians started a very public campaign, the focus of which was gun control.  Common sense gun control of course (think of the children) which involved magazine capacity restrictions, assault rifle bans, online ammunition purchase restrictions blah blah blah.  What if in addition to noise that the lawmakers were creating gun lobby groups got all hyped up, sending out emails about how our rights were in serious danger and we have to fight this no matter what (read: send money, the more the better).  What if the lamestream media caught on and broadcast gun control special reports on TV, what if this fear for restrictions spread through the interwebs and Youtubes.  What if the vast majority of the populace (gun loving populace included) were sheeple being led around by the nose?  Boom.

The End State

Within a few days the panic has set in.  People start snatching up guns, ammo and even crap they don’t need (Slidefire Stocks et al) online and in person.  Quantities dwindle and almost immediately pricing goes through the roof.  People stockpile because they fear the worst, others stockpile because they weren’t going to originally but now that others are they might as well do the same.  This cycle lasts a few months or maybe half a year, profits are immediately up and shelves once again go bare.  The latest example of this was the M855 Green Tip ammo scare.  Do you know how much M855 I bought during that?  None.  Zero.  Nada.  Goose Egg.  Guess what: cases of M855 are once again available for reasonable prices all over the internet.  I wonder how those guys who spent $500 to $600 per case are feeling right about now.

The Bottom Line

Maybe I’m right or maybe I’m wrong.  Do I believe that EVERYONE is involved, even your local gun store?  Absolutely not!  Yet something smells funny so I decided to point it out.  In any event this is stuff that I cannot control but do wonder about.  Here’s the thing, prices are low right now but they will not be indefinitely.  If you need something I suggest that you make your purchase NOW.  Don’t sit and wait wondering if pricing will drop by $25 or something ridiculous.  It really is only a matter of time before the next “crisis” and pricing will go through the roof while availability becomes non-existent.

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