Oregon Bill to BAN Livestock – Stunning War on Farming/Ranching

April 23, 2021
Oregon Bill IP13 would criminalize raising food animals in the state, and reclassify animal husbandry practices as “sexual assault.” The bill specifies that animals can only be eaten after dying of natural causes (at which point, aged/diseased meat is not good). Oregon’s 12,000 beef producers raising about 1.3 million head of cattle are slated for elimination, as traditional farming and ranching is shut down in favor of lab-grown meat and indoor farms owned by the technocrats — a perfect way to force the population into perfect slavery. Christian breaks it down in this Ice Age Farmer broadcast. FULL SHOW NOTES: https://www.iceagefarmer.com/2021/04/…

3 thoughts on “Oregon Bill to BAN Livestock – Stunning War on Farming/Ranching

  1. What these bastards will do is restrict the feed for our meat animals not unlike what is happening with ammo, etc.
    The smart rancher will grow his own food for his animals

  2. So you can’t “sexually assault” cows anymore…unless, of course, you are a member of the beastiality class of criminal psycho elites… I wonder if Kill Bates will f*** his own “fake meat” cow…. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

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