Control The Food, Control The People

The Daily Coin – by Rory

With a mere ten companies controlling the worlds food supplies it should give a a person pause regarding, not only what we are actually eating, but what makes up what we put into our bodies. When we think of food, our minds, automatically, revert to nutritional items that sustain our lives and keep us healthy. Some of you may think of vegetables or grains or a well marinated steak. What ever pops into your mind, rest assured it probably is not on this list. Well, it may be on the list, just not how you may be thinking of it in terms of nutritional value, wholesomeness and advancing or maintaining your overall health.  

If, on the other hand, when the word “food” pops up and you immediately think of candy bars, potato/corn chips or some other form of snack, then you are the target market for the top ten multi-national, fascist, “food” manufacturers. You see, those are the types of products that make up their “food” offerings and these companies raked in over $436 billion in 2013. The manufactured food industry also employed more than 1 billion people in 2013 or said another way about 1 in 3 people employed globally!!

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Those 10 companies in the middle are now the biggest food and beverage companies in the world. Together, they generate revenues of more than $1.1 billion a day. They also employ millions of people in poor countries, directly and indirectly, to grow and produce their products. Because of their global reach and influence, these companies could play a big role in reducing poverty, hunger, and inequality. But right now, they’re not doing enough. [Source]

I would say these companies are not doing anything to “reduce poverty, hunger and inequality”. As a matter of fact, I would say they are contributing to all three of these elements that plague our global community. While they do provide jobs, and for a very small percentage, good jobs; the vast majority of the people are simply working a j.o.b. (just over broke). While these ten companies are generating more than $1 BILLION A DAY, farmers sure as hell aren’t getting a very big cut of all those dollars. If they were receiving a fair cut they wouldn’t stop growing crops and begin growing houses. Urban sprawl is chewing up most of the farmland in the US, some of the best farmland on the planet is being turned into another strip-mall or subdivision.

Today, nearly all our meals arrive in our neighborhoods via supermarkets (or supercenters, the term for operations like Walmart and Target that also sell groceries). Those two kinds of stores sell about 80 percent of our food. Walmart, the biggest supermarket in the country, sells roughly one-quarter of the food bought in the U.S., making it the largest grocer in our history (and that of the world).[Source]

If walmart is selling 25% of the food bought in the US, should I be concerned about one company having that kind of dominance over our collective dinner table? That is a phenomenal concentration of any particular item, but when we are discussing our food supply, that gets into a whole other realm. This combined with the fact that only ten companies, globally, control a majority of the processed food, it feels like the noose is getting tighter and tighter with each turn of the page. Daisy Luther was right when she said we need to Sow Revolution – Grocery Store Rebellion.

If we look back at what one of the most evil people in history had to say about food we get a little better understanding of why this may be happening. I am not saying that Henry predicted, planned or set in motion any of what is discussed above, but it does make one ask questions. Henry Kissinger in 1970, while serving under President Nixon, or was he just a member of the CFR or was it during a Bilderberg meeting said “Control oil and you control nations. Control food and you control the people.” Kissinger has been an intricate part of global policy making for well over fifty years. His hands are so bloody it is a wonder he is able to still hold a pen to write.

If you think that we are running out of land or that somehow people are a plague on this planet and should be wiped out, as the Georgia Guide Stones would suggest, take a look at this:

three times the current population of the world could fit in the state of oklahoma. the State of oklahoma has an area of 69,903 square miles. one square mile will accommodate 278,784 people if each person is allowed 100 square feet. At that rate the state of oklahoma could accomodate a 19.49 billion people— almost three times the earth’s current population of 6.4 billion. [Source]

Why would anyone need to know the exact land mass required for the total population of the planet? Why would anyone make such a statement as Kissinger? Why would the so-called leadership, you know, the people that are supposed to be looking watching out for monopolies and consolidations of power; why would they allow such a small number of companies to control as much processed food on a global scale? Why would the distribution of the food in the US be handled by so few distribution points? If someone can help me to understand that this is not a conspiracy I would really be appreciated. Otherwise, it sure looks like a controlled plan working against humanity.

Support local, eat local, think global.

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