Cop Arrested, Charged With Kidnapping, Domestic Violence and Intimidation

dv_policeCounter Current News – by Jackson Marciana

The Cleveland Police Department has been accused of “rampant corruption” in a report issued by the Department of Justice.

Federal investigators concluded that police in Cleveland use unnecessary and unreasonable force at what they consider a “significant rate.” They also employ “dangerous tactics” that the Department of Justice says put the community at risk.  

“Deeply troubling to us was that some of the specially trained investigators who are charged with conducting unbiased reviews of officers’ use of deadly force admitted to us that they conduct their investigations with the goal of casting the accused officer in the most positive light possible,” the report stated.

Has anything changed since that report was issued?

It seems not. A Cleveland Police officer was recently arrested and charged with kidnapping, domestic violence and intimidation on Saturday.

Officer David Anderson, 51, has been a cop with the Cleveland Police Department since 2007. He had been suspended following an arrest last December for stalking and domestic violence.

But now, out on bail, he has been arrested again for attacking his girlfriend, only days before a hearing that was to determine whether he should be locked up “for repeatedly violating a no-contact order after earlier attacks on the woman,” according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

This arrest and new charges of kidnapping, domestic violence and intimidation, come after a “loud argument between Anderson and his girlfriend Friday night while they sat together at Chili’s Grill & Bar in North Olmsted,” according to what the prosecutor’s office told the Northeast Ohio Media Group.

(Article by Jackson Marciana; image via Getty, used for illustrative purposes)

One thought on “Cop Arrested, Charged With Kidnapping, Domestic Violence and Intimidation

  1. It is not just Clevland. The American police are a disgrace to the Nation as a whole. They need it like here. A federal test to show they have the knowledge to be a cop. Good Job references usually in security. A waiting list tobe hired as a cop. And they such as this one would be fired before the month was out for disgraceing the uniform. They do not put up with that breed here. Police set the example on the streets here for good behaivor. Or he would be called in and ask to resign and his name took of the list to be rehired as a cop. Most do that. Putts a end to what America suffers as police on there streets. And yes the police do stalk in America if they have a personal I don’t like going for anyone. No laws need broke they are frame up experts and will force a fight just to have a excuse to murder any one they have a personal problem with. Not law inforcement just we can run on I Don’t Like. And ruin your life. Such is the American cop today.

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