Cop busted for allegedly arranging tryst with hookers

New York Post – by LARRY CELONA

A veteran Queens cop was busted for allegedly arranging a torrid tryst with two hookers he met while on patrol and in uniform, sources said yesterday.

Officer Luis Gutierrez, 37, of the 114th Precinct in Astoria was arrested Thursday as he arrived to meet the prostitutes in the parking lot of a Wendy’s restaurant on Northern Boulevard.

Gutierrez, a married father, was off-duty when he met up with his would-be paramours — but was in uniform and on duty when he allegedly arranged the rendezvous the day before, sources said.

“He was on patrol with another cop and he was talking to the girls in Spanish,” a source said, adding it’s not believed the second cop understood the conversation.

One or both of the hookers may have been police informants and ratted out the law-enforcement lothario, prompting an Internal Affairs Bureau investigation, the sources added.

Cops were waiting when the 13-year vet showed up at the fast-food joint in civilian clothes and driving his own vehicle, and quickly grabbed him before any sexual hijinks took place, the sources said.

He was charged with patronizing a prostitute, official misconduct and conspiracy.

The women were not charged.

7 thoughts on “Cop busted for allegedly arranging tryst with hookers

      1. Yup, ya gotta love it eh Angel, lol. Any way there is never a good reason what so ever for a spouse to be two timeing on each other. This is a good one though. I bet he has a habit of doing this along with other illegal behavior. You know what they say – if you get caought doing 1 illegal act there is probobly many other this they have done that he wasn`t caught doing.

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