Cop Enters Family’s Fenced in Yard and Shoots Their Dog in Front of Two Young Children

Free Thought Project – by John Vibes

A police officer in Oklahoma has been accused of waving a gun around in a family’s back yard and shooting their pet dog.  The entire incident was witnessed by multiple people, including neighbors and small children.

The police were reportedly told not to enter the property, because the family did not want the dogs to anger the police. Unfortunately, the police entered into the family’s fenced in yard uninvited and with an aggressive posture, waving guns around, according to neighbors.

Dog owner Cindy Wickham and her two young nephews were in her back yard when police entered and shot one of her dogs.

“It just happened so fast that I couldn’t do nothing, I couldn’t prevent it.” Wickham said. “The only thing I could do was put my nephews behind my back.”

Wickham said the incident traumatized both her and her nephews. “I’m hurt because I couldn’t prevent my nephews from seeing that.” Wickham added.

Kaci Malicoat, one of the neighbors who witnessed the incident described to a local news crew how the officer pointed his gun not only at the dogs, but at the family as well.

“I could see him waving the gun back and forth at her and the dog,” Malicoat said.

According to the family, the officer shot one of the dogs when it sniffed him, but the officer claimed that the dog bit him.

The local police department said that the incident is under investigation, but no disciplinary measures have been taken against the guilty officer.

Just this week we reported on a police officer in Oklahoma who was charged with murdering 6 dogs in his neighborhood.  While this is a systematic problem that exists in every police department throughout the country, police departments in Oklahoma have been in the news a lot recently for crimes against animals.


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11 thoughts on “Cop Enters Family’s Fenced in Yard and Shoots Their Dog in Front of Two Young Children

  1. They’ve obviously declared open season on dogs. This is the second cop killing dog article today.

    Retribution is long overdue.

  2. If anyone shoots a police dog, that person is put on trial for the death of a police officer, yet these gestapos have free reign to kill anyone’s dog or other pets as they see fit.

  3. Be thakkfull they had a dog there to shoot. If not that to take there rage out on they probably would have flash banged a child for there pleasure trip that day. Such is what we have for police today. They can’t kill you one way they will try another for there sport.

  4. When someone kills your dog and gets to walk away your worth just went down the tube. That dog accepted you and became part of a pack with you at the lead, and you let it be killed and did nothing about it. That is despicable and low.
    The dog would have defended its owner, possibly to its death. The owner, oh just an average wimp.
    The police are showing you every day that you will be pushed, punched, tasered, shot, or whatever they please to do, because you are too cowardly to do a thing about it. You Americans are being laughed at all over the world. I am not kidding, it is happening every where now.
    People who have animals as pets have a responsibility and since they cannot carry it out, they should not have pets.
    What if it was your kid who was shot? Oh sure you will puff and talk all belligerent and tell how you would do this and do that, in truth you would do nothing. Maybe try to sue or march or complain online. There is no fear in the cops because you will not do anything.
    The politicians and bankers laugh when you march, I have seen them doing it. And then they send in the cops to bust heads and laugh even more. The people of this country are in a sorry position and do not have the will to get out.
    I always loved to read history and stories of the fall of Rome were interesting, I wished I could have seen it. Now I get to see an empire fall up close. I am buying lemonade and popcorn for the show.

    1. No shit brother! I read that CPS shit too and think… Someone took your child? WTF?? and you did nothing? Your going to …hire a lawyer???

    2. You betcha, you shill motherf#@ker, just like the BLM was laughing at the militia in Bunkerville.
      Here’s one for you. We American nationals are laughing at you and the rest of the spineless cowards around this world that surrendered their arms without a fight. The fact is, punk, we still have our guns and have taken a stand. I know, as you have to live with your cowardice every day, you want us to hurry up and do the fighting and dying for you so you can be free again.
      I think you better watch your f#@king mouth or we might just enslave your ass after we do all the fighting and dying, to make sure spineless mother f#@kers like you never get in a position again to aid our enemies through your cowardice.

  5. I didn’t even watch this video…I don’t need to I read the headline. It makes my blood boil.People think I’m nuts when I say I would protect my dog with deadly force. He’s my family, I’m not nuts Just loyal to him as he is to us. I am one of the nicest guys you will ever meet but mess with my family and it’s on!

  6. I think i’d go silent, and play my time out for the right day to extract payment in terms of vengeance ..or maybe better called,, Punishment .

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