Cop Who’s Been on Paid Vacation for 3 Years, Arrested for Beating His Own 73yo Mother

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Los Angeles, CA — Domestic violence, bribery, theft, excessive force, brutality — these are just a few of the crimes committed by active duty sheriff’s deputies with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. In total, there are hundreds of deputies with a history of misconduct who are on a now infamous list which the police union continually fights to keep private. And, thanks to a protectionist court system and a powerful police union, the crimes of these extremely bad cops remain secret. One of the deputies, who was reportedly on this list, was recently arrested for disturbing crimes against his own mother, however, highlighting the dire need for transparency. 

Deputy Antonio Ramirez was arrested on July 29 — for beating a 73-year-old woman, his own mother. According to police, Ramirez attacked his elderly mother in her home last month causing “visible injuries.”

According to police, they were called to the home after someone called to report that Ramirez was drunk and throwing things around inside his garage. When deputies arrived, Ramirez was carrying a dagger and resisted arrest. Amazingly enough, deputies did not kill him and he was brought in. Other non-law enforcement suspects have not been so lucky.

Last week, Ramirez was charged with with a count of elder abuse, resisting an officer and carrying a dagger — all felonies. He has pleaded not guilty to the charges, according to the LA Times.

After his arrest, we have learned that Ramirez was on the list of bad cops mentioned above. However, his crimes and even convictions remained secret and as a result, he was allowed to keep his badge and his paycheck.

When looking into his records, Ramirez is listed as being unemployed since his conviction in 2016 when he pleaded no contest to charges of domestic battery for beating his girlfriend. However, thanks to a corrupt system, Ramirez wasn’t actually unemployed. After he pleaded no contest, this violent woman-beating cop was put on paid administrative leave and collected his full paycheck and benefits for the last three years — never working a single day.

“Immediately following that arrest, a decision was made by then-Sheriff Jim McDonnell’s administration to place Deputy Ramirez on paid administrative leave,” the Sheriff’s Department wrote in a statement Friday. “Once the most recent arrest was known, a review of the records concluded that Deputy Ramirez was erroneously placed on paid administrative leave back in 2016, resulting in the payment of salary and benefits up to the present time.”

Had he not gotten arrested for brutally beating his own mother, Ramirez would still be on paid vacation, which could’ve lasted him the rest of his life — all for being an abusive bad cop.

But it gets worse.

Prior to the arrest for beating his mother, and before the conviction for beating his girlfriend, Ramirez was arrested for beating his daughter and her mother. However, thanks to a corrupt system, none of those charges stuck, despite overwhelming evidence of abuse and intimidation.

The abused spouse filed a lawsuit in 2016, going after the deputy and the department for covering up this repeat abuser’s crimes.

As the LA Times reports:

According to the civil court filing, the woman claimed Ramirez pressured the couple’s then-11-year-old daughter not to report the abuse to anyone, warning her that he could lose his job, which would mean they would no longer have a house or any money. Ramirez denied the claims in court filings.

Prosecutors declined to charge him with domestic abuse or witness intimidation, citing a lack of physical evidence to prove the allegations beyond a reasonable doubt. A sheriff’s sergeant determined there was “mutual combat” between the woman and Ramirez, according to a district attorney’s office memo summarizing the criminal investigation.

But a prosecutor determined that interviews with the daughters corroborated the mother’s claims and that one of the girl’s statements, in particular, was believable, according to the memo.

The girl’s “allegations that her father ordered her not to speak to anyone and that he abused her mother are believable. However, this matter cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt,” a prosecutor wrote in the memo, according to the Times.

Instead of going to jail for beating his wife and child, and threatening them with harm for talking about it, Ramirez was suspended for just 15 days and allowed to return back to work. In 2016, his battered ex-wife would receive $185,000 after a jury in the civil case found that the deputy did indeed engage in domestic violence against the woman and her child.

If ever you need evidence of a corrupt and broken system, this is it. Here we have a cop who was engaging in domestic violence for years. Instead of facing any consequences for it, he was allowed to keep collecting a paycheck while the taxpayers paid for his crimes. Because he was never truly held accountable for his violence, it came to a head last week in a fit of rage and brutality against his own mother.

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