Cops Going After Kids Shoveling Snow – They Want Their Cut

Shoveling-SnowMartin Armstrong

Ok – believe it or not, this really shows how the new younger generation of police are anti-society and just insanely pro-government beyond common sense. With cities and municipalities dead broke, confiscating cash from people pretending it is somehow tainted without any proof under Civil Asset Forfeiture was bad enough. Now they are really going over the top. This is not an isolated incident. Towns in the North East are targeting teenagers who traditionally made money during winter shoveling snow.  

The police even in Philadelphia are targeting kids as they are in New Jersey. Many towns demand a license with paperwork and fees of $50+ to be paid to shovel snow. These corrupt politicians are hungry for money and any possible piece of loose change they want to grab. Just how far will society allow this type of corruption go before they throw-the-bums-out?

From FATCA to targeting teenagers shoveling snow, these people are destroying everything that held society together. They look upon us as the great unwashed – just scum to be exploited. This is really going way too far.

14 thoughts on “Cops Going After Kids Shoveling Snow – They Want Their Cut

  1. Hey, apparently you can go to jail for a few days and be fined thousands of dollars (not to mention being fired from a minimum wage job) for being entrapped to sell alcohol to an underage person without even knowing it, but it’s OK for illegal felons who are rapists to come here, rape your daughter, get paid $600 a day and a driver’s license as well as have politicians sell your lands to China and have cops arrest public defenders for defending their clients and even the DA for investigating police.

    Glad we know where our priorities lay.

    A license to shovel snow? ARE YOU F**KING KIDDING ME!!!???

    What’s next? Having to have a license/certification to ID a person for a rated R movie?


    How does one live sanely in an insane world? How does one live morally in an immoral world? I just can’t take it anymore!

    When are we going to fight, people!?? When is enough going to be enough??

    1. I’ve really got some fight in me now, NC. I was just informed that for me to be “lawful” and get signed up for ObamaCare in 2015, my monthly payment is over $600.00! The first government employee that “get’s in my face” will get one between the eyes!

      1. 1 of my customers said I was irrational for not getting healthcare. He said it was $15 a month. I laughed because I know better. HE then stated that me not being covered cost him more money. I said I didnt ask him to pay in the first place. I certainly didnt ask him to pay for me. And I sure as hell wont pay for him.

  2. And I’m sure if they don’t claim that money that they got from shoveling on their taxes, they will also get fined and arrested too, right? And I’m sure that if they are too young to pay taxes or get a job (under 16), then it’s illegal for them to shovel for money and they have to do it for free.


  3. I guess this is the reason why that one cop shot and killed that one guy a week or two ago for just going around shoveling people’s snow without a “license”. The guy stood up for himself, yelled at the cop to stop harassing him for trying to make a living and then swung his shovel at him. The cop, of course, turns off his camera (that has never been turned off in all of the years that he’s been a cop) and shoots the guy dead.

    Can’t find the article but it was posted here on FTT.

    In any case, when is enough going to be enough???!! 😡

  4. As kids in 1 town growing up it was illegal for us to go door to door asking to be paid for shoveling. So we shoveled without asking and then hoped for a tip.

    Here in commie oregon they would want to tax the shovel because you use it to make money.

    Im with Millard on “The first government employee that “get’s in my face” will get one between the eyes!”

  5. Next will be the breathing license…and the fine for not having a breathing license. Or the just looking around licence…and the fine for not having a just looking around licence.
    Pig: Hey buddy, where’s your hat?!
    Sheeplecitizen: It’s ok officer, I have my not wearing a hat license right here.
    Pig: Don’t talk back to me you low life scum!!! BAM BAM BAM!!!

  6. Strike the root…it’s the only way to eviscerate this disease. Anything less is just pissing in the wind.


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