Cops Gone Wild – Psychopath Edition Unfortunate Truth

Published on Apr 10, 2015 by Shane Seavey

Psychopaths are individuals with defective emotions; they do not experience normal levels of shame, guilt, or fear. Possibly as a result of this defect, they also have weak and transitory social attachments; they treat other people as objects. Checkout my newest Cops Gone Wild video –… – Thumbs UP if you like this video.

So what jobs are most attractive to psychopaths?
1. CEO
2. Lawyer
3. Media (Television/Radio)
4. Salesperson
5. Surgeon
6. Journalist
7. Police officer
8. Clergy person
9. Chef
10. Civil servant

Some Psychopathic Traits Are:

Hostile tendencies or aggression
Impulsive aggression
Irritable, angry, or expressive aggression
Use aggression coldly
Anger aimed at hurting another
Defective emotions
Enjoy controlling of others
Do not experience normal levels of shame, guilt, or fear.
Blame externalization.
Violent crime impulsive
Behaviors never admits fault
Lack of remorse or guilt, impulsivity, the need for control, and predatory behavior
Researchers have discussed the possibility of psychopaths being associated with organised crime, economic crime and war crimes

Then Police type jobs will naturally attract total psychopaths.

Yes, there are psychologically healthy cops out there; but they appear to be badly outnumbered by the mentally ill ones who currently control and continue to corrupt the culture.

4 thoughts on “Cops Gone Wild – Psychopath Edition Unfortunate Truth

  1. “Yes, there are psychologically healthy cops out there; but they appear to be badly outnumbered by the mentally ill ones who currently control and continue to corrupt the culture.”

    Even the psychologically “healthy” ones are corrupt, since they always do whatever they can to justify and cover up the evil committed by the psychopaths. Not to mention the fact that ALL cops enforce unjust laws, and ALL cops help reinforce the current police state.

  2. Stop resisting….
    but I’m dead I’m just a lifeless bag of puss now.
    I’ve seen this in Vegas….news.
    A person playing his rap music on the strip to loud so they shot him dead because he didn’t turn it down.
    Those sneaky ass bicycle cops.
    Metro still pulled him out of the car and the guy was already dead.
    His body flopped on the ground like a dead jelly fish.
    This was on the local news and t.v.
    These cops still put their knees in the back of his head and cuffed him dead. Stop resisting…!
    By the way I don’t like Rap gangster music for you racists out there.
    What’s next…. killing you for listening to Dwight Yokum and Willie Nelson to loud?
    Doesn’t surprise me one bit….

  3. Okay… I just watched the entire movie, and here’s my two cents:

    It’s a decent movie. The movie maker tries to make the point that police behavior (and police themselves) are psychopathic, and it exposes a lot of police brutality, BUT…. I also think it might actually be an attempt to downplay the brutality, because I’ve seen a lot of cop-beating videos that weren’t included in this collection, that could have filled the time spent on dead kittens, and repeated footage.

    In at least one shooting incident the cop’s actions seemed justifiable, and the fact of that incident being in the movie when more brutal and unquestionable examples exist, tells me that it might have been thrown in to make people complaining about brutality seem unreasonable, or to be complaining unnecessarily.

    The shootings that were included are already well known, so not too much here is shocking or revealing. I don’t know who made the movie, but it seems to me that they could have easily exposed the police as being a lot worse, and the people complaining about the brutality having a more important complaint.

    It’s easy to walk away from the movie and say “there are a hundred thousand cops in the country, and if this is the best they could do to make them look bad, the cops aren’t that bad at all”

    See what I mean? This may be subtle propaganda, that actually makes police look better than they are. (everyone’s already aware of brutality complaints and protests) This kind of supports the “few bad apple” theory.

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