Cops On Rooftops Eye Angry Kimani Gray Protest Sunday

Before It’s News – by Deborah Dupre

Brooklyn police are standing on rooftops Sunday to watch a crowd of angry Kimani Gray protesters march to where two NYPD officers who killed the youth are stationed, demanding accountability.

“4 cops on a roof at 35th & Church,” Tweeted Brooklynprotest, with a photo of the site. “3rd time I’ve seen that today.”  

One day after 16-year-old Kimani Gray’s funeral, at least a hundred people are again on the streets protesting his shooting by the NYPD.

Sunday’s marchers began where Gray was killed and walked to the 67th precinct, where the two plain clothes officers who shot and killed Gray, Sgt. Mourad Mourad and Officer Jovaniel Cordova, are stationed.

The latest NYPD violence and the youth affectionately called Kiki has sparked national controversy, as seen in a long list of reader comments under the article, Brooklyn Under Siege Day 4. Anthony Allen wrote:The protesters are demanding that those officers be charged with a crime.

“This has NOTHING to do with how you vote, and everything to do with the the state of our society. I see many white people talking about how minorities should be more like “white people”. What type of white people are we talking about? The ones who are honest, work a 9-5, 2 kids & a dog? Or the ones who stole TRILLIONS from this country just 5 years ago?”

“I notice a lot of racist comments on here,” says Alonzo Wilson. “I can’t say the boy was rightfully killed or not because I was not there. I know well enough, not to believe the media. They tell more lies than politicians.”

Another, Kitty Wolf, says, “The cop lied, The days of the CODE of blue are [over.] We must stand up for what is right and punish the wrong to include law enforcement.”

I know by the many other eye witnesses, Although they have banned the press from the frozen zone many other right groups have bothered to go and ask. Have you? [M]any have recorded the testaments and others have contacted the family member’s to spite the best efforts of the police to try to block such efforts! Also stilll yet even more are looking into the backgrounds and other complaints by other victims of the cops involved. This is not rocket science. If you know how to use your computer and know the groups that fight for freedom you too can educate yourself. Or you can choose to be one of the few left that listens to the main stream media.

“I wonder if you would have call the child a lawless animal and that other bs, if he were white!” wrote Juan Rav, responding to a hostile comment. “A child is a child regardless of race, creed, color, religious belief, financial or economic status. For you to make a comment like that is rather asinine at best. It’s people like you who give America a bad name!”

Gray was among a group of people the night of March 9. He left when he saw plain clothes police in an unmarked car, the police said.

Since he “acted suspicious,” the police shot him seven times, they have explained.

Gray was shot three times in the back, according to medical examiners.

Gray’s brother had recently been buried after an automobile accident.

Among the debaters of whether this is a racial event, Shalanda Cummings wrote under the article about Kimani Gray protests:

To all the people on this page that refer to African Americans as “YOU PEOPLE” need a reality check. There are hundreds of gangs in this country and they are not all run by African Americans and Hispanics. So before you speak @ JoAnn Gerbing know your facts. As far as this having to do with the fact that this has something to do with having a Democratic president, this madness with the police has been going on for years. That includes when G. Bush was in office both times and so on. This is a racial issue. You have people that never take the time to get to know other cultures/races of people. It is up to us as a country to change the things we don’t like and come together for once instead of placing blame and pointing fingers. It is easy to say its your fault but its hard to actually step in and find out for yourself what the truth is and change things. God help us all cause we need it!

6 thoughts on “Cops On Rooftops Eye Angry Kimani Gray Protest Sunday

  1. These riots are exactly what the ptb want – to pit white against black. They love it when we all think that way so that we avoid looking at the real issues like what is really goin on in this country of ours. Instead of rioting we should give them one chance and if they don`t take advantage of that one chance to bring justice then we take matters into our own hands. The police have proven time and time again for many many years that they think they are above the law. Instead of rioting we should just go to the houses of them corrupt cops and politicions or just walk into the police dept. drag them F`ers out and either hang `em on the spot or just do like they do over seas and off with the head or just shoot the bastards in the head and get err done with. Rioting has never accomplished anything when it come to the law makers and our govt.

  2. “This is a racial issue.” – Shalanda Cummings

    Oh boy….Here we go. The race card is now starting. Pitting whites against blacks and so on. That dumbass woman has no idea that this has absolutely NOTHING to do with race and everything to do with starting a war like TPTB want. It has nothing to do with getting to know other cultures or whatever the hell her excuses are. She needs to review her facts and history and find out the real reason why this is all happening. Sadly, blind sheeple like her probably never will.

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