4 thoughts on “Cops Sic K9 on Surrendering Man

  1. Yep. You just kneel down there on the ground all helpless and whatnot with your hands on your head like a good little slave and let the dog bite the sh!t out of you while 6 cops pile on you and yell “stop resisting!”
    It’s a really “ruff” kinda day there at the old Doggy Day Care and Spa Center.
    Don’t worry. Them scars you get to carry around with you for the rest of your life because you tried to give that dog a pedicure will be magically wiped away by a high priced lawyer who will get you a thick stack of debt notes.
    Just rub those debt notes on your chewin scars and it’ll be all better.

  2. what a group of pure cowardly trash. I would like say much more but since it could be dangerous to print what I really want to say !!!!.this will have to do.

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