COVID-19 The Science We Should Know

A new,274 page comprehensive Covid-19 research resource from the National Health Federation

Since the inception of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Spring of 2020, the messages coming from most government authorities and major media outlets have been very focused and largely consistent: COVID-19 poses a grave threat to all of humanity, lockdown policies and mask mandates are obligatory to “stop the spread,” existing diagnostic tests are reliable indicators of infection, no preventatives or treatments exist for COVID-19, the inoculations developed under Operation Warp Speed are “safe and effective,” and mass inoculation is essential to end this pandemic. These are ALL LIES.

Meanwhile, dissenters from this monolithic orthodoxy, of all walks of life, have been routinely vilified and censored, regardless of their qualifications, personal experience, or the substance of their case.

In such a divisive and restrictive environment, acquiring a well-informed understanding of any COVID-19-related topic is remarkably challenging. Sensible evaluation of any issue always requires familiarity not only with the arguments for prevailing beliefs, but also the evidence presented by knowledgeable skeptics and critics. Now you can do it easily.

One thought on “COVID-19 The Science We Should Know

  1. Just skip to page 71.
    Never isolated!
    Also, PCR is not a test. You can find anything under the sun if you amplify it enough and slap a label on it.
    They have to tell the truth to get you to believe their lies.

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