CPAC Neo-Con Con

Well the 2016 election is upon us.  Strange, seems like only five months ago that we had our last presidential election.  I’m telling you, we have entered the twilight zone wherein the every four year presidential election process has become like the movie, “Groundhog Day”, with a perpetual campaign to foster perpetual hope for perpetual change.

Then there is reality wherein nothing changes except the faces on the commercials as the international corporate mafia continues to suck out the wealth of our nation.  For the past four years and twenty before that, fewer and fewer have a whole lot more while a whole lot more have a whole lot less.  

The neo-con national socialists kicked their ‘let’s takeover the grass roots movement again’ campaign into high gear at CPAC with Rand Paul being declared the new leader of the conservative movement and the national patriotic movement being declared the Republican Party, just like the grassroots Tea Party was.  (Apparently we are not allowed to be Independent.)

What a farce.  Sarah Palin stepping up on the stage with a Big Gulp in a pathetic effort to portray her Zionist bimbo dufus ass as just another one of us defiant American national patriots.  Of course Ted Cruz was there as a part of the propaganda as the republiscums declare themselves champions of the 2nd Amendment.

Anyone who cannot see these charlatans for what they are needs to be removed from the gene pool.  These pukes attempt to portray themselves as the creators of a power structure when in reality they are not but parasites, trying to attach themselves to the patriot movement that they might harness our power and once again turn it against us, declaring a mandate from us demanding that they should become more powerful and exercise even further control over us.

Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, you are pathetic and you are traitors, each and every one of you.  And like your soviet socialist counterparts, no one is listening to you except your own treasonous cabal, which makes up about 45% of the 20% of communist infiltrators that are about to be decimated by the 80% of American national patriots.  All your future holds for you is a trial for treason, a hemp rope, and the absolute contempt of we American nationals for your thinking you could put the giant back to sleep for your Zionist masters.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

19 thoughts on “CPAC Neo-Con Con

  1. Turn the idiot boxes on mute and hoard. This Debbie does Dallas wanna be is as useless to the American people as a one legged Chinese midget in a Bloomberg ass kicking contest.

  2. Absolutely nothing today ever happens by accident so when a Pope is suddenly resigned and within a week or so replaced by a new Pope who is a top Jesuit commander who immediately writes to the head Rabbi pledging in his words collaboration with the Jews. Collaboration is a very worrisome word, we normally use collaboration to mean with the enemy for some purpose, so collaboration in what? Is it collaboration in the Jesuit/Zionist installation of the New World Order? Is it collaboration in more zionist crimes against humanity? How much worse can they make our lives?

    Something dangerous is now happening, the news flow has also changed and the sheeple are being deliberately scared, what are they to do, where are they to run to? there is absolutely no one that they can trust. They are waking up and realizing that their emperor has no clothes, their emperor has no honor, their emperor is thief.

    1. Don’t forget the new Pope Francis has an arrest warrant out for him now, too. lol. The Vatican sure knows how to pick them, unless that’s what they wanted in the first place in order to corrupt and get rid of religion and replace it with science and materialism (Protocols of Zion) and to make religious people the enemy just like the Patriot movements and militias.

  3. This aging bimbo isn’t even smart enough to know that she ought to be ashamed of herself.

    People have to realize that NOBODY in the present political establishment will ever do us any good. There are no new leaders coming to our rescue, and any that do arrive to be the next “savior of the American people” will betray us as quickly as the previous one.
    Any future we have is entirely in the hands of the American people, who will be forced to re-build this country from the ground up as soon as these criminals are in custody.
    All the congressmen and senators are going to jail. Forget all about Washington D.C. and search your local community for someone to represent you in the new capitol.

    1. I gotta say it now that you mention it NC. Give that pipe line a good greasin` and then feed that palin a bunch of real gassy beans and then when the flatuence starts to kick in put her on that pipe line and that gassy witch will be propelled all the way home.:)

  4. Hey Henry,I think the litmus test for any so called leader would be his filing of TREASON charges against the traitors in the gubberment and “msm” outlets.I related to most of ron pauls “patriotic” words but his inaction and silence on the traitors was deafening or am I missing somthing as am under the belief that it is the congress and/or senate who filed impeachment charges on slick willy getting his willy smoked
    So for any so called leader to be reconized they must stand up to be counted,no wavering no deals 100% unwavering commitment to america ,maybe they could tune into your show on the proper stance a real american with hair on his ass and love for his country behaves. To all on this site keep up the honesty as its killing them quickly as all can tell from their desperate thrashing and grabbing at the smallest of control issues .
    Henry the moronic look on this bimbies face reminds me of Weekend at bernies where dead bernie kept that same goofey face throughout the movie.

  5. My Fellow Patriots:

    Wow,… she use to be kind of hot looking,.. but just after a couple of years of selling her soul, she now clearly has a severe case of HCS: “Hillary Clinton Syndrome” – getting Fuglier* by the moment…..

    *Note: Fugly – (F’uag’lee’ – 20th Century Americana) A military term meant to be derogatory in nature. A contraction of two words: F*k’n & Ugly = Fugly.

    Shame,.. she use to be bangable material,….

    Now,.. just another washed out, burned out worthless Washington whore.

    JD – US Marines – Guess I’ll have to stop wacking off to her pictures now….

    1. I agree with ya there, JD. Haha!! She got Fugly real fast. It’s too bad. She could have been something special. Now she is just “special” in a mentally handicapped way. lol

  6. Maybe it’s the big-gulps that added the few pounds huh.Guess that’s what you get for living big on our dime.

  7. Hate to say it guys, but they say your career’s over when people STOP talking about you.

    I ain’t sayin’ sh#t about her.

    At least not till AFTER the necktie party. LOL

  8. Wow!!! she is actually too stupid to be embarrassed !!!
    I guess they are blinded by their own greed, & delusions of importance.
    Hope they are all arrested soon.(don’t wanna know what they might do when backed into a corner though)…

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