Crime Lab Corruption in America

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Modern society is living through a revolution of information sharing. Current technology has allowed for an expansion of human intellect and knowledge unparalleled in history, in a league separate from even the technological prowess of the Gutenberg press. That being said, humanity becoming privy to new scientific breakthroughs has proliferated the idea that such unprecedented achievements in the realms of math and science make us virtually infallible to error or manipulation of data.  

A brief examination of the history of corruption in America’s top criminal analysis laboratories, however, calls this notion into question.

Whereas last week’s article on the replacement of State-run enforcement in favor of citizen-implemented structures delved into the sociological and moral aspects of law enforcement by fiat, today’s will primarily explore a number of important news stories which you’ve probably never heard of involving rampant corruption in State-run crime labs in an attempt to quell the reader’s incredulity on the subject of government law enforcement inefficiency. The citation of such stories throughout this article are recorded for posterity as well as the benefit of the reader, serving as mere examples of an under-reported issue endemic of American society at large. This author would challenge the reader to search for such scandals local to themselves, as unfortunately, this problem is not unique to the area codes mentioned herein.

An ill-prepared Detroit crime lab after a break-in back in June of 2011. Photo Credit to Detroit Free Press.

An ill-prepared Detroit crime lab after a break-in back in June of 2011. Photo Credit to Detroit Free Press.

  • New York City, New York (via New York Post): While NYPD criminal analysis labs have been marred with controversy for decades, the most recent findings as of 2010 have called into question a large percentage of police lab findings within the city after the revelation that “thousands” of criminal cases hinge upon falsified drug tests.
  • State of Virginia (via Chicago Tribune): State police labs in Virginia have, after convictions made decades ago in some cases, re-opened investigation after widespread errant DNA tests were found to have contributed to the aforementioned convictions. Paul Ferrara, director of the crime lab in question and responsible for the results of the DNA analysis, called such criticisms “unfounded,” in spite of original tests having proven to be untrue.
  • Boston, Massachusetts (via CBS News): In December of 2012, the City of Boston was forced to release hundreds of nonviolent drug offenders after it was found that one Annie Dookhan, an employee of the city crime lab, had falsified numerous drug tests during her tenure with the department. While the city maintains that Dookhan acted alone, the motivation behind this deception and its greater implications within the department at large remain unknown and uninvestigated.
  • Houston, Texas (via Houston Chronicle): The Houston Police Department remains one of the most prolific violators of the right of Americans to a fair trial in the country’s short history. Recent scandals rocking HPD’s crime lab include such varied offenses as false DNA tests, untested rape kits, destruction of evidence, inaccurate blood alcohol detectors, firearm forensics falsification, fingerprint misidentification, and false drug tests, just to name a few.
  • Detroit, Michigan (via USA Today): After being shaken by scandal as a result of former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick being convicted of taxpayer theft, interim mayor Kenneth Cockrel, Jr. was forced to confront an uncomfortable truth: The Detroit Police Department crime lab was responsible for erroneous or false findings in 10% of 200 randomly-selected cases. Mayor Cockrel eventually shut down the crime lab entirely, evidently deciding that no laboratory analysis at all was better than forensic evidence that wrongly enslaved the citizens of Detroit.

This author once again reiterates that the above examples are but the tip of the iceberg in terms of crime lab corruption in America. Some may posit theories about such instances being isolated events, but such theories ignore the nationwide nature of such corruption. As America and much of the Western world becomes an increasingly technocratic society, the importance of people questioning the powers that be on the conclusions they draw based on the implementation of such technology becomes evermore imperative as time crawls forward. Such issues are primarily the result of the centralization of criminal analysis power by the state, and may very well not come to an end until a truly free model for crime labs is adopted by society at large.

5 thoughts on “Crime Lab Corruption in America

  1. These crime labs only give a stamp of scientific approval to planted or manufactured evidence.

    Jury duty is simple these days because you can ignore all the evidence. Everyone is innocent unless they work for the government.

  2. Jolly….I get your point…but do try to recall that not all government employees are corrupt war-criminals like the Bush/Clinton/Obama Cabal…many of us have…and continue to stand up to the corruption…and if you don’t have your stuff together..they will eat you alive…they tried to do that to me…and look at what they are doing to Gen. Cartwright…?


    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

    1. Nope. If they’re collecting a paycheck for going along with this government, they’re being paid for their treason, and are a paid party to the subversion of our constitution. I won’t shed one tear when their head rolls down the street, because EVERYONE has been warned, and warned for more than a decade. They could have found different jobs, they could have stood up for what was right, but instead they only sought to satisfy their own needs at the expense of everyone else, and their country.

      I have no more time or sympathy for people who are “going along to get along” because I’m being slowly killed so I can be easily robbed, and anyone who’s not part of the solution, is part of the problem, because they make it all possible. That includes cops who ignore the crimes of other cops, prosecutors who jail people for political or propaganda reasons, and Generals who sit back and watch it all while the troops they command do nothing to uphold the constitution, and the oath they swore to. Off with their heads, every last one of them. We’ve already spent too much time living under tyranny while government employees sit back and get paid to watch us suffer it.

      This isn’t something that began last night. It’s been decades in the works, and everyone has had time to adjust their lives accordingly. They destroy this country by choice, and have thus signed their own name on my enemy list.

  3. Hey, that’s what happens when you trust all your information to a computer program that is made up of fallacies because man, himself is fallible. If man is not perfect, how can we make a supercomputer named Titan in Utah which stores all of your information and evaluates your actions before you do, to be perfect? It makes no sense. But the psychotic screwballs in government seem to think so and so do the sheeple following them.

  4. So-called ‘crime labs’ rarely favor the accused.

    Whether they’re innocent or not.

    The deal the so-called ‘govt.’ has with the privately owned prisons requires them to be maintained at 90% capacity.

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