#Cruel Hillary: More Cruel Than Cruella De Vil.

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#Cruel Hillary

The state of California has a chance to say No to Hillary on June 7th. Bernie Sanders has no ability to go for the jugular. If some of Bernie’s supporters got on the ball,  they could save America from #Cruel Hillary. I would like to quickly prove to you that Hillary Clinton is far more cruel than Cruella De Vil in 101 Dalmatians. This movie was made originally as an animated feature in 1966 and remade in 1996 starring Glenn Close. Thanks to Disney video everyone who was 8 years anytime between 1966 and today has at least seen the image of Cruella De Vil.  

The plot is simple. Pure Evil is incarnate as Cruella De Vil who has her Minions steal Dalmatian puppies to make a fur coat for her. Hillary Clinton is far more evil than Cruella De Vil.

hillary clinton witch

Cruella de Vil Halloween Costume

On January 12, 2010 there was a major earthquake in Haiti. The epicenter was 25 miles west of Port-au-Prince.

The main hospital in Port-au-Prince still has not been completely rebuilt. And that earthquake was 6 years ago. Not much has changed for the poor of the nation’s capitol.

Most housing consists of ramshackle huts, like ovens under the Haitian sun. When it rains, an ankle-deep soup of sewage fills the interiors. Years after the earthquake, the famous mud cakes of Cité Soleil are still being sold at the side of the street: discs of baked dirt, water and salt eaten by starving families to stave off hunger.

We could immediately and correctly suspect corruption as the major culprit for the slow progress.

But who is so cruel that they would steal from people reduced to eating mud pies?

Hillary Clinton. That’s who. #Cruel Hillary.

The Clinton Foundation has lots of experience stealing money that had been donated to help earthquake relief victims. Bill Clinton diverted money from quake victims in Gujarat India that occurred 6 days after he left office in 2001.

Hint 1 to Bernie supporters: There are hundreds of thousands of Hindu voters in California.

The Clintons also exploited HIV/AIDS relief in Africa soon after Bill Clinton talked to Nelson Mandela in 2002.

Do you remember the tsunami the day after Christmas (Boxing Day) in the Indian Ocean that killed 300,000 people in 14 countries? The Clintons were there to exploit the relief efforts. Who would steal from orphans who lost everything including their parents? Bill and Hillary would. #Cruel Hillary.

On August 29, 2005, hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans and killed over 1,200 people. The Clintons went to work siphoning off cash.

Hint 2 to Bernie voters: There are 2, 229,000 blacks in California. Some of them might object to the Clintons exploiting Haitians, Africans and the black people of New Orleans.

Hillary will not be stopped unless someone steps up the game against #Cruel Hillary.

Let’s melt the witch down on the night of the June 7th California primary.

America is choking on corruption. $8.5 trillion dollars has ‘gone missing’ from Defense Department spend since 1996. We stopped Jeb Bush. We can stop the Clinton Crime Family too.

#Cruel Hillary.

#Cruel Hillary: More Cruel Than Cruella De Vil.

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  1. lol…. I heard that Secret Service guys run and hide when they see or hear her coming.

    (and I heard a dirty rumor claiming that the Video Rebel had retired. Glad you’re back)

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