Cuomo Reduces Price of Hunting, Fishing LIcenses

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Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday that he’s proposing reductions in the cost of hunting and fishing licenses for both state residents and visitors.

The cuts are part of Cuomo’s proposed budget. They come just after Cuomo won sweeping gun control legislation, a move deeply unpopular with some hunters.  

The measure also reduces the number of licenses the state offers, and generally simplifies the state’s licensing system.

For instance, the proposal consolidates small game and big game licenses into a single hunting license.

“I know the recreational and economic value hunting and fishing bring to New York State,” Cuomo said in a statement. “Under my proposal, it will be easier for more New Yorkers and visitors from across the country to take advantage of New York’s rich sporting tradition.”

Under Cuomo’s proposal, the price of a fishing license drops from $29 to $25 for state residents; from $29 to $22 for a hunting license for state residents; from $21 to $11 for a muzzle loading license for state residents.

(Read the press release, which contains much more detail about price and other changes, here.)

16 thoughts on “Cuomo Reduces Price of Hunting, Fishing LIcenses

  1. You can’t hunt with that firearm, but it’ll cost you less if you decide to? What a putz. Ban, slander, libel, make taboo and criminalize firearms, any firearm, then try to make peace with the regular Joe by reducing license and permit fees? F#@k you, Cuomo. Just f#@k you.

  2. Who would want to fish in those poluted waters. Not only that but they want to ban guns, limit ammo sales – not to mention ammo shortages. On top of all that the price of gas is getting so high that people wouldn`t be able to afford the gas for that boat or car to get to that fishing/hunting spot and the price of bait is prohibitive – at least around here in Wi. where I am from it is. They just don`t get it.

  3. Now, kiss and make-up! This guy is history! Who ever lives there should take the initiative and start a recall. Scare frick’in hell out of any other crook who thinks they can just get away with this crap. Do the boycott and kick them out at the same time.

  4. Okay now, I am serious here. You know the show Twilight Zone where the ventriloquist can’t find work, and the lap puppet talks all by itself. And there is the little neighbor girl who taunts him telling the man he is a loser. The girl and the talking lap puppet team up and get the man arrested. Well, scroll back up and look at the picture of Cuomo. Do you see what I see??? This is Freaky!!! Buhahahahaha!

    1. I love the Twilight Zone. I have every episode on dvd in boxed sets.

      That said, I’m wondering what kind of bounty we’re going to be putting on the heads of clowns like this, once the SHTF.

      I was thinking along the lines of maybe a years’ supply of cigarettes? (I smoke Marlboro Reds)

      Any other ideas? Anyone?

      1. Well now #1 I would settle for a half section of land in the Nicolet National Forest! There is a spot along the Namekagon River I have always loved!

        1. Rhumstruck… Let it be so, because one of the first things we are going to do is take back all of the land the Feds have stolen and give it all back to We the People, counties, and states. Then we are going to give everyone who has put money into the Social Security System land. Maybe like the Great Oklahoma Landrush. Which, would pay everyone back for all the money they have put into it, and squash that Fed debt to the people. Then we will shutdown the Social Security Ponzi Scheme once and for all.

          Now, guess who gets to help us clear our lands and build our homesteads up… You guessed it! The ones whose crimes against the people were not great enough to warrant hanging with “American Made Hemp Rope”, will do their time for their crimes doing hard labor restoring America back to the people. Now, is that an idea or what??? hahahaha

          and that’s just for starters!!!

        2. rhumstruck, it’s yours – for either Feinstein’s or Hitlery’s head (on a platter) (AFTER the SHTF, of course).

          A lifetime supply of the best chronic seeds available (sour diesel would be my first choice, IF I still indulged) for both.

          1. With pleasure! Although I might want to do a little horse trading, how about Ryan and Durban instead?
            I’d be happy to give ya a twofer!

          2. I was being facetious again, Angel.

            Mainly because I’d hardly call THAT a fair trade.

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