Cyprus banks ‘may never reopen’ threatens German Finance Minister

Wolfgang Schaeuble Apparently the banksters do not approve of the vote. Nice!


Germany’s finance minister has warned that it is unclear whether the banks in Cyprus will ever be able to open again.

Banks in Cyprus have been shut since Saturday to avoid a run while the tiny Mediterranean country tries to negotiate a rescue for its economy.   

Wolfgang Schaeuble said two of Cyprus’s big banks are being propped up solely by emergency liquidity from the European Central Bank that is contingent on all sides agreeing on a rescue package.

“Someone needs to explain this to the Cypriots,” Mr Schaeuble told German public television ZDF.

Politicians in Cyprus have voted to reject a bailout deal that would have seized up to 10% of bank deposits to prevent a collapse of the country’s banks.

5 thoughts on “Cyprus banks ‘may never reopen’ threatens German Finance Minister

  1. The people of Cyprus told Germany to take the Euro and stick it up their ass. In my opinion, this was a smart move. Now we will see the inevitable street fight , which will also be a good thing. Cyprus didn’t cower under that ugly hags dress, Merkle the maggot.

    Maybe they are taking a cue from Iceland? This is going to get real interesting, real fast. As Cyprus holds untold riches in gas and oil.

  2. Russia will deal with Cyprus for their oil & gas exploration for a bailout while the US, Israel & the EU kick people in the balls, levy sanctions & threaten them with total destruction as a foreign policy tactic.
    Which tactic will bring more benefits?

  3. The largest depositors are the Russians which was the target – money
    laundering. A speck of a country has instilled massive distrust of banks.
    Don’t think it couldn’t happen – kind of like FDR ordering people to turn
    in all their gold for a war which was forced on us by our treasonous gov.
    Another war where no body attacked us.

  4. well if the money grabbers of the european union were to get 5 trillion from what they planned to take from depositors at an average of 8.3%. if the banks don’t open again they get 60 trillion. what do you think will happen then? boom!

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