Dallas Police Association issues statement, warns of ‘growing threat’ to police officers’ lives

The Dallas Morning News

In the wake of the shooting at Dallas police headquarters, the Dallas Police Association issued this statement on Saturday afternoon:

In the wake of the violent overnight attack on the Dallas Police Department headquarters, the Dallas Police Association (DPA) is urging all law enforcement officers to be extra attentive to potential threats both on and off duty, including dangers to their family and home. The attack comes just days after a Houston police officer was shot in the back while on a routine traffic stop.  

“Last night’s attack on the men and women of the Dallas Police Department proves the uncomfortable reality that all law enforcement need to face – there is a growing threat to the lives of police officers,” said Frederick Frazier, Vice President of the Dallas Police Association. “We urge all law enforcement to be extra attentive to their surroundings both on and off duty, and this should extend to the safety and security of their family and home.”

“With the often inaccurate and negative portrayal of law enforcement by the media and the violent rhetoric used by anti-police instigators, the narrative has been set that it is open season on officers across our country,” added Frazier.  “I hope those who wish to unfairly criticize our profession for political gain can now see that their words can fuel extreme violence.”

The attack on the DPD headquarters was carried out in a bulletproof van, reinforcing the need for police departments to have access to armored personnel carriers to respond to such a crisis.

“The violent means in which criminals carry out their offenses is becoming more brazen, and police officers often times are facing superior weapons. Having access to armored personnel carriers could be the difference between life and death, not just for our police officers, but also for the innocent families or schoolchildren targeted by violent criminals,” said Frazier.

The DPA is also calling for DPD leadership to implement new security measures at the police headquarters and all substations across the city. Currently, substation parking lots for officers are open to the public. In recent weeks, an unidentified man was caught videotaping officers in the parking lot of the Northwest substation.



18 thoughts on “Dallas Police Association issues statement, warns of ‘growing threat’ to police officers’ lives

  1. ““Last night’s attack on the men and women of the Dallas Police Department proves the uncomfortable reality that all law enforcement need to face – there is a growing threat to the lives of police officers,” said Frederick Frazier…”


    So now it was an attack on the MEN & WOMEN, NOT just an attack on the BUILDINGS, WITH ZERO INJURIES REPORTED???

    Easy to see where THIS is going.

    AND where it came from.

  2. Where exactly does one purchase an armored van? Do I just go down to the Ye Olde Armored Van Shoppe and do some browsing? Or maybe I should just call ACME. Heck, they make anvils.
    Or maybe it was a do-it-yourself bulletproof jobby like that fella who made that homemade bulldozer.
    Or maybe the whole thing is complete BS. That makes more sense.

    1. There was one for sale in my area , not kidding
      Was even interested in buying but they were asking a bit more than I was willing to pay
      They also don’t get very good fuel mileage due to the added weight
      The as was in crsigslist no doubt

      1. lol Samfish. I think there is a store right downtown in my area called “Armored Vans & Stuff” I’ll have to go check it out.
        My point was that these armored vans come from someplace. They don’t just magically appear in peoples yards with for sale signs on them. The pigs seem to be crying because somebody used one of their tools against them…but they ain’t saying how he got the van in the first place. Did the pigs have an auction? Everything must go….all Armored Vans 50% off.
        I’m sure folks can buy an armored van if they really want one but I still have to ask where it came from originally. I can’t remember if it was the radio or if I read it somewhere but somebody claimed the armored van was an old SWAT van.
        The more likely scenario (and more believable) is that the pigs dug an old armored van out of storage and staged the whole thing

  3. Wait a minute, isn’t the military telling people in TX not to pay any attention to loud explosions or gun fire? Oh yeah they are, so don’t worry about it. Some military contractor is just trying to get rid of their armored vehicles that never got sent over to Iraq or Afghanistan. Yes the whole thing is total BS and my advice is for them to knock it off because everyone sees right through it.

  4. There’s so many police officers defending our rights that if they just stayed home our neighborhoods would be safer.

  5. Maybe if they all stayed home we’d all be a lot safer. We’d only be left with the problem of where to park all the tanks.

  6. Cops with a bad instruction (F the constitution, or rule of law) terrorize american lives and finances with a plethora of bad laws, and just as the hot blowback arives at their front door they predictably whine officially it’s a growing threat
    THUS without knowing anything at all about the Dallas snafu
    as they have given the PROBLEM, and REACTION as an official “growing threat”

    The obvious solution for the PEOPLE is, don’t let em make more unconstitutional laws.

    The presumed solution for the COPS/STATE+Lawmakers is to make more unconstitutional laws.

    I don’t even care what the hell is in front of the police station at this point–they’re adults and signed up and swore oaths, I am instead already want to stop the lawmakers game of more unconstitutional crap.

    Once it’s in only gets killed if you pick me for jurror, if you pick Pedro the Illegal your TOAST.

    1. There is no law. The communists hire buses to transport their “voter base”, pay $5,000.00 a month for you to go reek havoc and then help construct a stage for Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson to projectile vomit from. Voting! Don’t make me laugh! Well, let’s see now, who counts the votes? And then, if it’s a close vote, the Supreme Traitors hand pick “their guy”, or gay guy, or tranny first lady, and pole smoking Commander in Thief. So go wave your Hillary banner, shove your nose up Oprah’s ass a little further, buy your “carbon credits”, hand over your guns and your lives and just walk over to the edge of the ditch and wait your turn. (This comment is not directed toward any one individual but is a commentary on the truth of matters at hand.) Dammit, see what happens when you get up on the wrong side of the bed!

  7. Police brutality is not as important to the law as protecting the violent brutal bastards that are doing it in the first place. This is going to get a lot worse than it is and they law enforcement community as a whole bears responsibility for a lot of it. Enforcing unjust laws at gun point does not make citizens respect them and that is exactly what they do. They are nothing more than enforcers for a corrupt empire with a corrupt judicial system to cover their crimes.But you better be sure that you wear your seatbelt,its the law!

    1. The truth is a whole lot worse than just being enforcers. They are the criminals, state sponsored terrorists. They rape, pillage and murder.

    2. With all the police murder escalation in the past year that has been all over the msm, I am skeptical about all these events. Today I saw a report about how a sniper disabled the “armored van with a fifty cal, (how does he have time to set up in an active chase?) Then he shot the culprit dead after they had learned his name from a phone that they were in negotiations with him. All of this makes no sense. This is not how events would transpire in an actual pursuit. Even the original video shows no leo’s chasing him from the actual crime scene of headquarters.
      Here’s the icing on the cake, the report then showed a “armored van” fully engulfed in flames.
      Lets sum this all up.
      An armored van pulls up to the station armed with pipe bombs and starts shooting at the building.
      He then rams a squad car and leaves unpursued.
      Later, the “van” is disabled with a 50.
      He then begins negotiations via cell phone and states his name and purpose.
      He is only then taken out by a 50.
      The van mysteriously does a complete internal combustion (which is what was shown in the report).
      They are making the reports up by the hour. Notice how in all these events the leo speaking is panning from complete left to right as if he is taking questions from hundreds of reporters.
      Wake up people
      go vote

  8. There is definitely links between Israel/Mossad and big-city police departments. I hope everyone is noticing this. All these things only happen with big-city police: Dallas, Cleveland, NYPD, etc… They infiltrated our big-city police departments. Look up how they are trained by ITRR (Israeli company), how they take “training trips” to Israel. Now they use the Zionist tactic of false flags to gain public sympathy. Does everyone see this? It’s as clear as day.

  9. Blah! Blah! Blah! The Dallas Morning News continues to spew out their elitist/Commie propaganda as usual. This is why no one buys their papers anymore. I feel sorry for all of the paper they waste. It’s worth more than their print. And I thought The Buffalo Morning News was bad in NY.

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