8 thoughts on “Dallas Police Murders And Zirconium Spark Balls Special Effects

  1. I’m not sure what to make of this. Was a cop firing zirconium fire balls at the cop that looks to have been shot by the guy that came around the cement pillar?

      1. The rifle could have been loaded with steel-core ammo. It would be the obvious choice anyway, given that the shooter must have known that the armored TWAT pigs would quickly arrive. True AP ammo (not mild steel core) for the AK and M855 for the AR will punch through most (if not all) police helmets, all soft body armor, and some of the weaker rifle plates.

        I can’t watch the video at the moment, so I can’t address any other points it might make.

  2. Pyrotechnic sparks also occurred from “gunshots” during the frank lowy/Westgate mall Nairobi terror “attacks”.

    Ridiculousness in both events. The parties involved have much to gain from both.

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