Damascus Phone Call Bashar is Ok 24/25 March 2013

For what it’s worth. Still not concrete confirmation by any means.

Published on Mar 24, 2013 by 108morris108

Army is Winning, just Turkish generated rumours to demoralise the military. The opposition is falling apart somewhat. But the conflict is likely to spill over to a regional war.
Anonymous source
Recorded over midnight, hence the date stamp 24/25 March

10 thoughts on “Damascus Phone Call Bashar is Ok 24/25 March 2013

    1. Mark, To take a position is one thing, to declare a lie with zero evidence is something else. We have seen unsubstantiated reports that Assad is both dead and alive. To take a position of absolutism at this point would be foolhardy. I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’m just saying the fact is we do not know. It does seem that the Al Qaeda mercenaries are on the ropes and they are bringing up the chemical agents again. We should know something pretty soon, one way or another.

      1. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Looking forward to seeing his cartoonish looking head pop up from whatever Russian battleship he is rumored to be on.


        There are a lot of people on here wanting to stick the dagger in and the suspense is killing them.

    1. Ain’t sayin’ he is, ain’t sayin’ he ain’t.

      Nothing’s been substantiated one way or another, so far. 🙂

    The bottom line is that Syria, under Assad, is telling the international zionist bankers to buzz off.
    Assad, like Chavez, knows his country will be raped if the bankers win.
    Even though I dislike much of Assad’s regime, I still respect and admire his determination to crush the Foreign Insurgent Forces claiming to be Syrian rebels. This is NOT A CIVIL WAR!

    1. 70,000 dead, Damascus is in ruins, and for all practical purposes Syria is leaderless. All I want is for all middle east American soldiers to return home surround our country and keep out foreign invaders. All of this other bullshit isn’t doing America any good, in that all it is doing is distracting us from our own problems here.

      I could care less about the middle east. We cannot be their protectors. We all seem to forget that at times.

  2. Invasion-by-proxy is a very dangerous precedent for the whole world. At least in the old days the orders coming from the international bankers had to be carried out by a “state actor”, i.e. a nation willing to take direct responsibility for the invasion, even if it was later determined to be a war crime. Now the bankers are ordering the US and other countries to use a rag-tag, polyglot collection of mercenaries instead of uniformed national troops, because direct invasion would clearly be an act of illegal aggression.

    In this mercenary scenario, at least the money is coming from taxpayers, making it appear to be an act of “foreign policy” no matter how heinous. What happens when the bankers decide to skip the appearance of national policy entirely, and just fund mercenaries directly? They can easily afford to do this if they can no longer get taxpayers to fund their wars, and at that point, we may assume the nation-state to be dead.

    Just wondering, does Assad have any thoughts wishing Syria had something like the Second Amendment? If they did, and the people of Syria were truly on the government’s side, it would make it next to impossible for a gang of mercenaries to survive. With only the government’s own troops armed, fighting against mercenaries armed from outside of the country, it makes it difficult to sort out where the people stand (besides helplessly in the crossfire).

  3. Wow, they must be getting really desperate and scared if they are sending John Kerry to tell Iranians to stop them from flying over to Syria. What a joke. How embarrassing for the elite.

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