One thought on “Daniel Hannan’s warning for America

  1. The Brit makes sense …..
    It’s our Constitution and NO ONE can take it away……
    But we ARE being betrayed from with-in, by allowing
    the intellectual dumbing down our rising generations.
    And the aid and comfort afforded to our enemies by
    traitors from with-in as well.
    This current regime, and many of it’s predecessors
    are selling us out, and this MUST STOP.
    He makes a good point,”When you see a friend about
    to make a terrible mistake, one tries to warn that friend.”
    His new book, which I am certain is well written, will
    most likely try and do just that. Especially on the topic
    of nationalized health care. For they’ve already traveled
    that road of misfortune and realized their mistake of
    doing so…as he says, “Look at the figures…all their
    standards have drastically fallen to unacceptable levels.”
    Although his book won’t inform us on much we’re
    not already aware of, it’s good to see that there ARE
    folks out there trying to get the word out.

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