Danish women confront reversed racism


Two Danish women confront the racism people hardly ever read about in the bias mainstream media, where racism from immigrants is a taboo topic.

Published in one of Denmark’s most left-wing newspapers, Ekstra Bladet, this important issue has now finally been touched.

– Why do we only hear about immigrants who are being discriminated against – and not Danish women who are being called whores, writes two women.  

– I’m tired of hearing about how foreigners in Denmark feel wronged.

– So here are a few examples of how I as a Dane, is being treated in my own country.

This is how Charlotte T begins a letter to the editor about being a blonde woman in Denmark in 2015. Charlotte writes because she has read the complaint by a Muslim mother who was upset that her son had been invited to a birthday party and asked to bring food since there would only be served pork sausages.

Charlotte writes that the mother of course could have bought two chicken sausages for the Muslim child (and not go to the press about it), and Charlotte thinks Danes are getting fed up. ‘We are not being respected by our guests’, she writes, and continues:

– 16 August. I find myself at a casino, where there are always mostly immigrants (perhaps Tax should try to look at how they can sit with several bundles of money and just put in the machines).

– One of the immigrants bothered my sister at the toilet. We told an employee, but instead it turned to that we were racists.

– And the rest of the evening we could hear him and his friends continue calling us whores.

– 21 August. I sit in an area at the City Hall one morning.

– Trouble occurs with a large group of Somalis. 6 police cars with lots of police and dogs were summoned.

And then I was called a whore again.

– I sit still and look at what is happening when one of the Somalis runs towards me and says that I can not be there. I can not sit there.

– When I say that is not up to him to decide, again I was called a whore, said Charlotte.

Nina J has also written a letter, explaining how it is to be a Danish woman and being called a whore and patronized by immigrants. She has noticed a figure from a university, which shows that one in three rapes are by immigrant men, and she would like to have a debate on what she calls ‘reversed racism’:

Denmark: At least eight rapes every day

– I am truly curious and want to know why media only writes about racism against immigrants, when I daily experience it from immigrants.

– It’s no fun to say, but all my friends and I are terrified to walk in areas like Vollsmose.

– Make a debate on racism against whites too! The word racist has been so exhausted that I do not care being called so, writes Nina, who is backed by cultural sociologist and immigration researcher Mehmet Ümit Necef from SDU, who calls it ‘important’ that the figures on rape appears:

– Many immigrants do not know and do not understand Danish gender culture, says Mehmet.


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