‘Dead’ pastor shocks docs with ‘miracle’ movement just before organs are harvested

New York Post – by Andrew Court

It must be divine intervention.

A North Carolina pastor who was declared dead by doctors has miraculously shown signs of life — as his organs were being prepared for harvesting. 

Ryan Marlow, 37, was rushed to hospital late last month after contracting the foodborne bacterial illness listeria. The father-of-three suffered severe swelling on his brain and eventually slipped into a coma.

On Aug. 27, Ryan’s wife, Megan, was told that her husband was clinically brain dead and had therefore passed away. According to North Carolina law, a doctor can declare a person deceased if they are not exhibiting any brain activity.

“[A nurse] said ‘Your husband has passed,’” Megan told local news outlet WXII12. “Those were the words that were used.”

The devastated mom spent the next two days at home mourning her husband and comforting her three children — all of whom are under 6 years old. Meanwhile, Ryan remained on life support for the sake of his upcoming organ harvesting.

Then, on Aug. 29, Megan received a phone call from a doctor at the hospital claiming that Ryan had actually suffered traumatic brain damage and that they would change the time of death from Aug. 27 to the following morning of Aug. 30, when his organs would be harvested and his life support switched off.

“I said, ‘He’s still pretty much brain dead right?’ and I was told yes,” Megan claimed.

The following morning, the mom returned to the hospital to say a final goodbye to her husband, who would be going into the operating room to have his organs removed for donation.

When she arrived, however, another relative was at the hospital and claimed that the pastor’s feet had twitched when he was shown videos of his family.

“I went into the hallway,” Megan recalled. “Literally the OR team was ready to take him, and I tell the nurse ‘I need tests done now to see if he’s brain dead.’ “

Shockingly, Megan claims that the tests showed blood was actually flowing to Ryan’s brain and he was not clinically brain dead.

“Long story short, he’s not brain dead, my friends,” the stunned wife declared in a Facebook Live video posted from the hospital the following day.

“God’s kept him here. He’s supposed to be dead, he’s supposed to be at the funeral home right now according to these doctors,” she added in her clip.

Ryan remains on life support and is still in a coma — but doctors don’t believe he will be able to make a full recovery.

“They think the injury is so severe that he won’t turn around,” Megan revealed in another Facebook Live update yesterday.

Still, the devout mom shares her husband’s deep sense of faith and is praying for a second miracle.

“He may still go to glory yet,” Megan stated. “[But] this is beyond medical help, this is in the Lord’s hands.”

The devoted wife continues to share frequent updates on her page, with tens of thousands of people now tuning in across the country.

“Thank God he was an organ donor,” one follower wrote. “This has literally given me chills seeing this. What a miracle that God can only do!”

Pics are here: https://nypost.com/2022/09/05/dead-man-shocks-docs-with-movement-before-organs-are-harvested/

2 thoughts on “‘Dead’ pastor shocks docs with ‘miracle’ movement just before organs are harvested

  1. “Thank God he was an organ donor” ? People don’t realize that the donor is alive when the organs are harvested. I was an organ donor till I learned that.

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