Death toll rises as rain brings new dangers to California’s burn zones


Their blue and white, three-bedroom home was hidden on a Concow vineyard. It was cheery and bright with potted plants outside and a hammock strung between two trees.

For a while, the Duncan family had hope it survived. They had left a sprinkler running on its roof. But four days after they fled from the Camp fire, a friend texted them a photo of what was left of their home. Nothing.  

Now, the Duncans, along with tens of thousands of others across the state reeling from the deadly wildfires that ravaged neighborhoods up and down California, are bracing this week for a possible second blow: flooding and mudslides from expected rain.

Butte County sheriff’s investigators, meanwhile, made progress finding people who have been reported missing. By Monday night, the number of people unaccounted for dropped from 993 to 699. Search crews scouring the devastation found two more bodies — one in a building in Paradise, the other outside in Magalia — raising the death toll from the blaze to 79.

Melissa Duncan and her husband went to Walmart to buy a large blue tarp and placed plastic under their new home, a donated tent pitched in the parking lot of the Glenn County Fairgrounds in Orland, in preparation for Wednesday’s storm.

“People are almost at their breaking point,” Duncan, 36, said about others staying at the fairgrounds. “Some days are harder than others. We’ll come out better for it, if only humbled.”

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Here is the contorted jet stream today with winds coming from Baja straight up the coast to Canada and Alaska TODAY the 20th:,34.78,2830/loc=-118.882,32.746

And here is the storm for THURSDAY 11/23/2018 as laid out and planned by NASA as they flood the people who just lost their home and now are living in tents which will get very very wet – with the wet, cold and mold to set in with all their things – Green circle is the location of Paradise:,34.78,1939/loc=-121.668,39.767

2 thoughts on “Death toll rises as rain brings new dangers to California’s burn zones

  1. Where are the buses to transport these people to safety…..unbelievable they are on tents…..why can’t school gymnasiums be utilized

  2. That goddamned UN horseshit sustainability zones. The present powers want northern Cali and probably Henry’s place too. The exterminations will continue, until we stop them. They will obviously stop at nothing.

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