9 thoughts on “Deborah Tavares – Water Turned Off, Fires Deliberate, & More Important Information; Please Circulate

  1. They are prepping Cochise Co. AZ to take our wells over with meters and are introducing legislation for INA”S that will prevent permits to drill new wells, and to deepen existing wells. I see huge new GMO corn fields and expanding ones every time I journey out. Private wells have gone dry and the people are fearful that have wet wells. Their properties will be worthless without water. We need intervention now or AZ will go the way of CA very soon.

  2. Sharon,

    Intervention from the people that live here to resist this INA and the GMO corn and cotton farmers etc. To place restrictions on the use of crops that need huge amounts of water. Also, we could expand that to the rest of the country because it will impact them at some time if not already. Miles and miles of agriculture in the desert of which is mostly gmo crops needing irrigation night and day. The common people are being driven off their lands as their wells go dry. Is it fair to take from the people to give the water to the farmers because of their greed and lack of concern for the health of the people of this nation? I don’t think the ordinary person can picture the miles and square miles of these gmo crops and the pollution and death caused by mold from them and the glyphosates that are being sprayed from crop dusters nearly everyday. I personally know people that are sick and some have died already because of the mold.

    Intervention can come in various ways. Educating the public and pressuring elected officials for starters. If you have any thoughts or ideas on intervention then could we please hear them Sharon? It is very difficult to approach and deal with people that are frightened which many are. They are concerned about their water wells as they watch neighbors wells go dry and see them hauling water that becomes a second job and has a huge impact on their income.

    1. There’s only ONE thing these Zionist scumbag politicians understand, Dorothy, and it doesn’t involve phone calls, e-mails or petitions.

      Anything else is a colossal waste of time & energy.

  3. Dear #1 what will be the trigger? I don’t disagree with you. I heard years ago that the trigger would be violation of the First Amendment. When people can’t let off steam then the top will blow off. I talked with someone today that told me a young 30 year old man just died in Richland AZ. He lived by a corn field and died because he couldn’t breath. The Quacks say they don’t know what caused his death.

    1. LOL… never been addressed in quite that manner before, Dorothy. Not here, anyway. 🙂

      The trigger will be when they (formally) declare martial law, regardless of their reason given, imo.


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