Dennis Rodman Names Team For North Korea Exhibition That Includes Former NBA All-Stars

dennis rodman team north koreaHuffington Post by – DAN GELSTON

Dennis Rodman has named a team of former NBA players to participate in an exhibition basketball game in Pyongyang, North Korea.

Rodman leads a team that includes former NBA All-Stars Kenny Anderson, Cliff Robinson, and Vin Baker. Craig Hodges, Doug Christie and Charles D. Smith are on the team, as well. They will play against a top North Korean Senior National team on Jan. 8, marking Kim Jong Un’s birthday.  

Rodman is the highest profile American to meet Kim since the leader inherited power from his father in late 2011.

Rodman calls the game his version of “basketball diplomacy.”

“My previous travels have allowed me to feel the enthusiasm and warmth of fans,” Rodman said. “The positive memories and smiles on the faces of the children and families are a testament to the great efforts we have put into fulfilling our mission wherever we go voiding any politics. We are all looking forward to arriving in Pyongyang, meeting the citizens, visiting various charities and using the opportunity to develop new relationships that result in our annual return.”

Rodman made his latest visit to North Korea shortly before Christmas to train the North Korean basketball team, though he did not meet with Kim. Rodman, known as much for his piercings, tattoos and bad behavior as he was for basketball, traveled to the secretive state for the first time last February with the Harlem Globetrotters for an HBO series produced by New York-based VICE television. Rodman has called Kim a “friend for life.”

Rodman said his trips would not be affected by the recent execution of Kim’s uncle.

Smith, who played for the New York Knicks, said he was looking forward to the game with Rodman.

“Dennis and I are total opposites but we work very well together,” Smith said. “Dennis is one of the few people I know that doesn’t just talk but actually lives a culturally diverse life. We have traveled everywhere together so I was not surprised with his first visit to North Korea.

“Cultural exchange is about sharing. Sharing ideas and thoughts on education, culture and life.”

Rodman has been criticized for not talking about North Korea’s human rights record, described as one of the world’s worst by activists, the U.S. State Department and North Korean defectors. The defectors have repeatedly testified about the government’s alleged use of indiscriminate killings, rapes, beatings and prison camps holding as many as 120,000 people deemed opponents of authoritarian leader Kim Jong Un, the third generation of his family to rule.

8 thoughts on “Dennis Rodman Names Team For North Korea Exhibition That Includes Former NBA All-Stars

  1. Umm…are we supposed to be proud of Rodman for being over there befriending a guy who feeds his own uncle to the dogs?

    “Cultural exchange is about sharing. Sharing ideas and thoughts on education, culture and life.”

    Yep, sharing cultural secrets, government secrets, ways to manipulate and blackmail each other, how to perform better Satanic rituals, and how to brainwash more people with sports games like basketball.

    Anyone else think that Rodman is a Satan worshipper, too?

  2. Rodman lol , what a joke of a human
    How is it that it’s against the law for anyone of us to travel there but this pile of human excrement gets to go there legally?
    Not that I care to go there , but sometimes I wonder if all the BS about NK is just propaganda by our government
    I know .. How cynical of me

    1. That’s exactly what it is, Bart. Another dog and pony, political government show. The CIA is basically telling Rodman to tell Lil’ Kim what to do and how to work with the elites to help them with their NWO. In return, they will let him live and make him a hero of some sort and also be a better icon to his people. Hence, the Rodman and Lil’ Kim show and why he had his uncle killed. It seems to be a test and Satan worshipper, Rodman is teaching him how to play the devil’s game.

      It’s clear to me that Lil’ Kim is completely weak and is either complicit with everything or is being blackmailed and manipulated by our government in order to purge those people in his own government who they feel are dangerous or reject the elitists plans. A coup, so to speak. Something his father would have never let happen.

      1. Agree , the curtain is slowly being raised , show is about to begin
        ( although for most of is here the show began a long time ago) and most if not all the sheep are too stupid to see it unfolding before their very eyes

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