Deputies: Victim pulls gun on alleged purse snatcher

This happened right down the road from our house!! Gotta Love It!

KATC News – by Ian Auzenne

A Lafayette man is behind bars after deputies say a gun-toting woman prevented him from stealing her purse.

The incident took place at a convenience store in the 200 block of West Milton Avenue.  

Lafayette Parish sheriff’s deputies say Vincent Campbell walked to the victim’s car while she was sitting in it, opened the door, and grabbed her purse from the floorboard.

Deputies say the victim then pulled a handgun and ordered Campbell to drop the purse. Campbell allegedly complied after being demanded several times to leave the purse alone.

Campbell is charged with attempted purse snatching. He is being held on $10,000 bond.

31 thoughts on “Deputies: Victim pulls gun on alleged purse snatcher

  1. Amen! Girlfriend!!! This was just down the road from me! A lot of us southern girls pack heat!! This has been happening ALOT lately, a lot of robberies, car jackings, bank robberies are real bad. So I am glad to see that my fellow Louisianans are taking matters into their own hands!!!

  2. Another feel good article. Yes. We need to see more of this happening. I would think if this damned low lifed theif was going to rip of someone why didn`t he do it right and do a bank or something on that order.

    1. We have had numerous bank robberies here as well. They usually get away with those. Leave the working folk alone and go after the banks. I agree.

    1. John, I’m surprised that they identified the thief as a “black man”.
      Here in the Orlando area our local news reporters are no longer announcing the race of the criminals.

      They report that “A 24 year old male”. Have to be politically correct, you know. Wouldn’t want to “racial profile” now would we.

      But once they report the criminal’s name you can usually draw your own conclusions.

  3. Nice!

    “A Lafayette man is behind bars after deputies say a gun-toting woman prevented him from stealing her purse.”

    But why is it always “gun-toting”?

    Wouldn’t just “armed” suffice?

      1. Can I say something? I am a girl, and gun-toting is okay with me!! I tote, I shoot, I carry, and then if you want to get into bows, I can think of more acronyms!!

        I get what your saying, but gun toting to me was kinda old days, I liked it!!

        1. I understand that, Missy. But that terminology goes all the way back to the Wild West days, and I believe they use it to draw up images of those days, in an effort to make being “armed” appear ‘uncivilized’. It’s intentionally disparaging, in my estimation.

          Just my take on it. 🙂

          1. That’s cool! I Love guns and my bow, I actually like my bow better, but a discussion for another day. I understand what you are saying, it does paint a picture of uncivilized, which I am, so that is why I loved it!! 🙂

    1. Yea I agree #1. The elite can’t make it appear that being “armed” is good. Wouldn’t be good for that gun control thing, now would it? Gotta tone down the rhetoric to “gun-toting”. Pathetic.

  4. Yall have a great evening. I’m gonna drink a couple coors lights and get to bed. 🙂 hopefully I can drag Missy away from the screen.

      1. alright, he is pulling me away!! I have to say one thing, it is thundering so bad here, I have not heard thunder like this in months. It rattles the house!! Good night guys! I have Bible Study at 5 am!!

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