Deputy Bonder V Eric Brandt – Trial – Jaywalking – Epic

Published on Dec 6, 2018

The source of this production is the actual courtroom proceeding as recorded on the Adams County Courthouse’s “FOR THE RECORD” recording system and was obtained from the Adams County Courts through appropriate public request channels. There is additional annotations and citations of law superimposed.

Neither the Officer – Joseph Bonder, not the Magistrate Judge Peter Stapp actually had any clue what the ACTUAL law for the jaywalking question is. Brandt DOES. The Court refused to allow the official code – “Model Traffic Code 803” – to be read into the official record for the case. Brandt persists, however, because the Judge was flat out wrong on the essential elements. The Court even allowed an un-sworn non-present hearsay witness statement as evidence but balked when Brandt tried to present an ACTUAL LIVING LIVE EYE-WITNESS!

End game – Bonder is a defendant in a federal civil rights lawsuit for unlawful arrest; Judge Stapp now leaved the bench to get a relief any time Eric Brandt come to his courtroom; And about a dozen prosecuting attorneys who began to fill the courtroom and text their buddies to watch the show now understood why Brandt was undefeated in their courts. They SUBSTANTIALLY stepped up their prosecution techniques after this trial.

2 thoughts on “Deputy Bonder V Eric Brandt – Trial – Jaywalking – Epic

  1. He had multiple outs. Corrupt Judge had an answer for each one. Had to use their corrupt system to beat it. Bothersome . The defendant is following an outline I’ve seen before, performed it well but that is a question which I should be able to answer and am having trouble. This is a trial so that would make sense. Good point, unless this is fake, don’t think so though.

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