Did We Eat All The Neanderthals?

Published on May 26, 2013 by DNews

Did neanderthals go extinct because they were hunted and eaten by early humans? It’s a grizzly, but possible explanation for their demise. Trace shows us the evidence.

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Neanderthals: Extinction by BBQ?
“Humans today eat gorillas and chimpanzees, so why would our prehistoric ancestors flinch at sitting down to a nicely roasted Neanderthal?”

What Modern Humans Can Learn From The Neanderthals’ Extinction
“It’s a fact of the archaeological record: Modern humans survived and Neanderthals did not. Why? And what does it teach us about our own survival?”

Donner Party Ate Family Dog, Maybe Not People
“The Donner Party, a group of 19th century American pioneers who became snowbound in the Sierra Nevada and supposedly resorted to cannibalism, may not have eaten each other after all, suggests a new study on bones found at the Donner’s Alder Creek campsite hearth in California.”

Conservationists Call for Ugandans to Stop Eating Chimps
“Conservationists struggling to protect the remaining population of Ugandan chimpanzees have raised concerns that people around wildlife reserves in the west of the country have taken to eating the primates.”

What’s wrong with eating dog meat?
“Barbecued dog and steamed paws? These and so much more were to be had at this weekend’s dog meat festival near Seoul.”

“When one looks upon a source of food he or she usually judges it by the way it looks, the way it smells and only after that the way it tastes.”


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27 thoughts on “Did We Eat All The Neanderthals?

  1. Remember that when the SHTF that people?, will resort to despicable things. And this is a sickening smile 🙂

          1. That is right Rumms. leave my dog alone though. Atleast untill it is a last reaort any way. Plenty of pig people out there ya know. Want to go huntin` with me Rumms? We could fill the freezer with long pig eh.

          2. Digg’s that brings back memories!
            I don’t think I’ve heard the term Long Pig in over thirty years! I had forgotten it! 🙂

          3. @ 6:43 Yes rumms. A lot of people do not like that term ” Long Pig”, Hell rumms, a lot of people do not even know what long pig is. lol

  2. With all the toxic sh!t people eat, get injected with & are environmentally exposed to, I’d reconsider feasting on Bubba Dufus. But then again, people do eat WinkMacKing burgers & Chinese All-U-Can-Eat Buffets.

  3. I’ve been trying to tell ya, we’re back in this same situation today. Psychopaths are a breakaway new species of human, it’s just that the change is entirely inside their brains so they look just like us. But figuratively, they’re having us for lunch. They now have complete control over the world and are openly implementing plans to eliminate 95% of humanity so that they can have this planet to themselves. They are the source of everything bad in the world today, because if we had leaders with a conscience they wouldn’t be doing all this bad stuff to us. We can deal with this genetic emergency, or we can finish losing this planet to them — our choice.

  4. Which of the many prototypes are you writing about?
    H. Ergaster, H. Habilis, or H. Sapiens?

    Who were these anyway?

    Our direct ancestor could even have been Neanderthal.
    Remember, there was much more oxygen in Primeval Earth, that everything grew larger, taller, and / or heavier.

    I doubt Neanderthals were eaten, as there was so much food stuff available, plants, roots, tubers, elk, deer, etc.

    Who knows? Who really know our origins, anyway?

    Yours is just another theory.

    1. Bonnie, “many prototypes” is an understatement. See _Extinct Humans_ by Ian Tattersall and Jeffrey Schwartz, in which they present evidence for at least fifteen earlier species of humans, often with multiple species living at the same time. This is nothing new.

      Interestingly, in another Ian Tattersall book, _The Monkey In the Mirror_, Tattersall expresses hostility to the theory of evolutionary psychology, the hypothesis that brains evolve under selective pressure just like any other part of anatomy. With that set of blinders on, it would be impossible for Tattersall to spot the psychopath split from normal humans.

  5. Bet they tasted like chicken.

    Doesn’t everything that’s NOT chicken always taste like chicken?

    Or so they say.

    1. Actually #1 I knew someone that had to resort to that and he said that they lightend the mood and they called it “sweet meat”. The guy was a old Korean war/Viet Nam vet. ):

        1. Actualy #1 they didn`t have it very good in Korea according to him and he said that they had tto do that. I do agree with ya though by sayin that they were neanderathrals though. Life sucks when ya got to get to that level of being though I guess.He said we all better get ready. He said that to me about 11 yr.s ago. I still talk daily to his step son and he says the same. His son was a lines man/comunication expert viet nam – my oldest best freind.

          1. I being facetious again, digger. 🙂

            Referring to the title of the article.

          2. I supose. I know that am too damn serious all the time. I have a real problem being serious all of the time ya know #1. Sucks to be me #1 LOL. Actually not a LOL ya know.

    2. You guys are making light of this. Out here in the mountains where I live, if we are going on a deep excursion into the woods, we always take a fat Californian along, just in caseys. And we really don’t even have to be desperate, as in, we got stoned and lost our way for a couple of hours. Blame it on the munchies. 🙂

      1. Them nights can get cold up in them mountains, and it is raining most of the time. I guess – for the sake of crudeness – a fat californian could be skinned out and used as a warm blanket. I have been told that when ya skin out a bear and hang the carcass up that it looks just like a human carcass.

      2. I hear THEY taste like cardboard, Henry. With absolutely NO nutritional value, either. LOL

        On that subject, though, I met a girl fishing at a local park here back in the ’90s Her name was Cheryl Hamilton. I had a car and she didn’t, so I started picking her up to go fish lakes in the area. About our third time out, she told me that her brother was one of the two Californians that were killed and eaten by Jeffery Dahmer. The day after he was killed in prison, I was at a friend’s house when the nightly news came on. Sure enough, there was Cheryl’s mom being interviewed by the local news channel.

        Small world.

        1. Ah, #1, you got me all wrong on this. I love Californians…………………..with mustard on them! 🙂

          1. Not a problem, Henry.

            My birth/stock certificate says Fairbanks, Alaska on it. Now that Palin’s gone, I’m just a misplaced Alaskan. 🙂

  6. I read a book many years ago about Stalingrad and the author explained that people that appeared to be well fed were to be avoided at all costs. Not just because of possibly collaboration but because they were quite possibly cannibals to boot.

  7. So! There was already a “Free Syrian Army” then, & the Neanderthals had an Assad as leader!

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